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  1. Hello,Is it normal that VB .NET 2005 Express can't connect to my local SQL 2000 server ?It seems that all I can do is connec to an Access DB or create a new SQL mdf file but then it nags that I need SQL 2005 Express aswell?I'm new to this ide stuff so I might overlooked something here tho (tend to code in vbscript, asp so not familiar with all this)
  2. Hello,Is there a way to retrieve the relative path to a given file or url in PHP?in ASP I can use server.mappath("/text/text.txt") which would give me c:\inetput\wwwroot\text\text.txt as result.Can't seem to find something simular for PHP tho ???(unless it's realpath which doesn't seemt to work under XP?)
  3. Hello,I wrote a simple exe file in VB Express and apparently when you run the exe in a dos box it prompts that it requires .NET Framework 2.xxxx.Ain't that mainly for the GUI stuff?And is there a way to compile that file to an non-.NET exe but still fully working?
  4. sorex

    HTA question

    Hello,Is there a way to pass through variables in an HTA 'application' ?the way I'm used to work is like this...in ASPop=request("op")select on opcase "" call setformcase "add" call addcase "delete" call deletecase "update" call updateend selectsub setform%>my startpage html stuff<%end suband the rest of the subscan an HTA be build like this aswell?how would I approach this? there doesn't seems to be a response.write like feature that I can use or do I have to use .innerhtml to create each page?
  5. Nope, doesn't work either
  6. Hello,I'm into vbscript now and most of the stuff is going better than first expected but now I have the following problem...I want to call a "dos/win32shell" application from in my script to extract some files out of an archive with the following code...set shell=wscript.createobject("wscript.shell")shell.run "7zip.exe", 1, trueall I get is "the system can not find the file specified"doesn't even work when using the full path like "h:\vbs\7zip.exe"although it works when I change it to "notepad" or "notepad.exe"any idea what could be wrong?
  7. sorex

    vbscript confusion

    Can you tell me how? Compiling with Visual Studio you mean?
  8. Hello,I'm trying to list all the computers and their last logon date out of the Active Directory.For some reason all the dates are ending with /2005 although that some of the computers haven't been on the network for 2 or more years They all have the same date/time stamp aswell which is even strangerAnyone else experienced some problems with this?
  9. I do it like this...<!-- #include file=/common/header.asp --><%here the stuff that changes on each page%>I don't get why you want to use <!--include File=<%=Variable%>-->just do a check in the header.asp file on that variable and do the changes there.<!-- #include file=/common/footer.asp -->
  10. Hello,I'm quite experienced with asp and have been asked if I'm not interested to do some windows vbscripting.Having a look at the vbscript part at w3schools it's only talk about vbscript running client side in the browser. Wasn't it possible to create a .vbs file that runs in a Windows shell aswell with a lot more options?If so, where can I find some examples of it and can those vbs source files be compiled to EXE's aswell to prevent people messing around in the code?
  11. Cool, altho there are better ways of doing that.just let is scan if a next picture exists in that folder or not and then you only need to pass the number of the current picture.
  12. what do you get when you print out p_pics & n_next_pic ?show us the results from this...!<%=request("p_pics")!<br>!<%=request("n_next_pic")!<br>
  13. sorex

    Date format in asp

    I guess you'll make your life easier with the dd-mm-yyyy format, then it's justfdate=request("formdate")mydate=right(fdate,4)&"/"&mid(fdate,4,3)&"/"&left(fdate,2)or split it up which is even better en more secure
  14. better use post, espiacially in log in parts of your site, otherwise people could see the username and password in the address bar if you don't redirect immediatly
  15. hmm that code of your will only insert tblleft1 or tblleft4this should be a solution (without using nested if then else elseif stuff)<%randomize()filenr=int(rnd*4)+1select case filenrcase 1%><!-- #include file="include/tblleft1.asp" --><%case 2%><!-- #include file="include/tblleft2.asp" --><%case 3%><!-- #include file="include/tblleft3.asp" --><%case 4%><!-- #include file="include/tblleft4.asp" --><%end select%>if it doesn't work try case "1" , dunno if it deals with numbers
  16. Hmm, that code doesn't make much sense to me and what's the use of this anyway?If (dept.CursorType > 0) Thendept.MoveFirstElsedept.RequeryEnd Ifthat might cause the infinite loop
  17. get rid ofon error resume nextand you'll see what's causing it.btw, you also have a braket too much intheresql=sql & "('" & Request.Form("date") & "',"
  18. What exactly do you want to know or what is your problem with it?
  19. your logic is euh wrong :)use this instead...randomizenr=int(rnd*4)+1that will give you either 1,2,3 or 4
  20. sorex

    using ADODB connect

    you can put it in a serperate asp file and include it in the pages where it is needed.
  21. well, you need to adapt your query altho that thise one looks rightsql="SELECT DISTINCT SALES_ST_NM FROM 2005_SSP WHERE REGN_NM='"& regn_nm &"' ORDER BY SALES_ST_NM"replace the regn_nm with a valid value and see what happends.
  22. the only things that could cause problems is rights on folders and that "enable parent paths" or something simular that's dissabled.unzip that file to you c:\inetpub\wwwroot and see if it works there, then try again on the server.
  23. That should work IF those files exist in that folder.here's my working example > testfile
  24. sorex

    AI layers to flash

    I guess Flash should be able to import WMF files, so export/save the original to .wmf and import that in flash.
  25. get rid of that <script ...> stuff use plain <% %> for vbscript/asp
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