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  1. Hello folks, I want to hide a text inside a image(users given image using file upload). Thanks in advance
  2. i don't want to store anything in the database its a static website
  3. no actually i want when i click the product link in footer it goes to product.html page eg: footer products: <a href="product.html'>one</a> <a href="product.html'>two</a> (when i click this link it should go product.html page & show it in front what i clicked from index page)
  4. Hello folks, i want to link the page from to another page ex: In my footer column, i've 5 types of products but when i click those products it links to product.html page.Actually In that product page there 5 no of products are listed. when i click the product from index page.I want exact header location for the product.. Thanks in advance
  5. i uninstalled wamp & i reinstalled xampp version but it looks like same error as i mentioned above
  6. i also installed wamp 3.1 version.. it shows same error..
  7. ya i uninstalled skype & again it shows the error...
  8. here i attached the XAMPP control panel
  9. Hello folks, I installed a XAMPP Version 7.0.15 on my windows 7(32-bit) computer but it doesn't work properly.When i open in the browser it shows "The site can't be reached". What's the solution for it? please help me. Thank you in Advance..
  10. Actually I want to retrieve the product name,subject name as well as title and display in html page
  11. consider this is my json array [ {"products":[{"productname":"Online Test","product":[{"subjectname":"Quants","lessonid":"16","subjectid":null,"subject_covered":"Algebra for SSC","lesson":"15","videoflag":false,"videos":null,"quiz":[{"practice":[{"title":"15.0 - Test of Quantitative Aptitude: Algebra for SSC : Lesson 15.0 ","nid":"21712","quizid":null}],"combo":null,"mock":null}],"ebook":null},{"subjectname":"Quants","lessonid":"17","subjectid":null,"subject_covered":"Trigonometry for SSC","lesson":"16","videoflag":false,"videos":[],"quiz":[{"practice":[{"title":"16.0- Test of Quantitative Aptitude: Trigonometry for SSC : Lesson 16.0 ","nid":"21816","quizid":null}],"combo":[],"mock":[]}],"ebook":null},{"subjectname":"Quants","lessonid":"18","subjectid":null,"subject_covered":"Mensuration for SSC","lesson":"17","videoflag":false,"videos":[],"quiz":[{"practice":[{"title":"17.0- Test of Quantitative Aptitude: Mensuration for SSC : Lesson 17.0 ","nid":"21675","quizid":null}],"combo":[],"mock":[]}],"ebook":null},{"subjectname":"Quants","lessonid":"19","subjectid":null,"subject_covered":"Geometry for SSC","lesson":"18","videoflag":false,"videos":[],"quiz":[{"practice":[{"title":"18.0 -Test of Quantitative Aptitude: Geometry for SSC : Lesson 18.0 ","nid":"21740","quizid":null}],"combo":[],"mock":[]}],"ebook":null},{"subjectname":"GK","lessonid":"02","subjectid":null,"subject_covered":"Test of SSC GK Question","lesson":"2","videoflag":false,"videos":[] and i want to print the product array and print the subject name as well as quiz array title in a web page... how to parse the json and display these results in html page? please help me thanks in advance
  12. I've table with 2 columns like name and amount.Assume that the table has some records.Some of the records would have the values in the amount column and some of them are not.I just want to count how many records should have values in the amount column?
  13. i want to show the record from mysql database when the users are not paid the initial amount? my database look like this: i've a table called roombooking in that field i've several columns like name,mob ,paid_amount and balance_amount.. so i want to retrieve a data who are all not paid the initial amount.... can u please tell me how to show it? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello Everyone, I Created a database called "library" and the table name is "stud". When i running the code in localhost it shows the error like this "Unable to load the requested class:library". Can anyone say what's the problem? Thanks in advance
  15. hello everyone my friend is going to attend the interview at raja software labs... can anyone say about it..is it good or bad company? plz reply.
  16. yes i already visited the site.....thanks for ur valuable information as well as thanks for taking time to answer my query
  17. actually i heard from one corporate person if u learn angular js it is good....that's why i asked here
  18. Kevin Castro

    Angular js

    Hello everyone, i want to learn an angular js before that i want to know that using angular js where it is applicable?,where it is used? and used for what? please clear me thank you in advance
  19. Kevin Castro


    thanks for ur valuable info
  20. Kevin Castro


    Is php going to die? because some people say that it is gonna die..i'm learning php..or shall i change my platform?
  21. which is the best framework for learning php beginners?
  22. Kevin Castro

    Php Framework

    what is the easiest php framework to learn for the beginners?
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