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  1. I'm trying to reset the color of the child movie clip by ActionScript of the _parent or _root movie clip. It's not working:http://n.1asphost.com/wheelofgod/flash/genesis.html on(rollOver){ colorobject = new Color([b]this.left_container.left_empty.iicor11_h[/b]); [color="#9ACD32"]//creates a new color object from a color class colorobject.setRGB(0xFF9900); //color colorobject in green (0x 009900 indicates HEX)[/color]}on(rollOut){ colorobject = new Color(this.left_container.left_empty.iicor11_h); [color="#9ACD32"]//creates a new color object from a color class colorobject.setRGB(0xFF0000); //c
  2. You can do it on Adobe Illustrator. Choose object live paint on the open jpg file. But you may not be satisfied with the results (I've tried that). But Illustrator is probably the closest to Flash, closer than Photoshop. If you use live paint on a cartoon or drawing image is easier that a live picture.Let me add that if you take a live picture it would have more variety of colors making the live paint more difficult. Thus converting to Flash will create hundreds of layers; one layer per color.
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