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  1. Conan

    PHP Mail() Problem

    how can I do this o.o ?
  2. Conan

    PHP Mail() Problem

    Oh thank you, I'll try this
  3. Conan

    PHP Mail() Problem

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, and I don't know where am I suppose to post this, but I think it's here .So, as the title says, my problem is that I've made everything correct, but the mail doesn't send to my email, or to the email I want, but it passes the code (I mean it gives me that "successfuly sent"), but when I check my email, there is nothing . here is the code, please id there is anything wrong tell me <?PHPfunction checkrow11($query1) { $query = mssql_query($query1); if(mssql_num_rows($query) > 0) { return true; } else { return false; } }/////////////////////////////// Coded By Conan ///////////////////////////////////if(isset($_POST['recover'])){ $email = $_POST['emadd']; if($email == '') { $err = "Fill in all the empty fields please."; } else { if(checkrow11("SELECT * FROM Account WHERE Email = '".$email."'") == true) { $query111 = odbc_exec($connect, "SELECT UserID FROM Account WHERE Email = '".$email."'"); odbc_fetch_row($query111); $userid = odbc_result($query111, 1); $query112 = odbc_exec($connect, "SELECT Password FROM Login WHERE UserID = '".$userid."'"); odbc_fetch_row($query112); $pswd = odbc_result($query112, 1); $to = $email;$subject = "ID/Password Recover";$message = "Your UserID: ".$userid."<br>Your Password: ".$pswd;$headers = "From: Staff Team";$sent = mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers); if($sent){ $err="<font color='lightgreen'>Sent Successfuly.</font>";}else{ $err="Something went wrong, please try again later.";} } else { $err = "The E-mail you have entered is incorrect, or it's NOT found."; } }}?><div id="simplepage"><div id="simpletitle"><span style="margin-left:6px;">ID/Password Recovery</span></div><center><font size="2"><br><br>To recover your ID & Password, please enter your e-mail address in the field below.<br>The e-mail must be the ID's e-mail, you have used when you created the account.<br><br></font></center><form method="post" action=""><table id="registertable"><tr><td>Your E-Mail Address:</td><td><input type="text" maxlength="30" class="simpleinput" id="emadd" autocomplete="on" name="emadd"/></td></tr><tr><td><input type="Submit" name="recover" value="Recover !"></td><td></td></tr></table></form><br><br><center><font color="lightblue" size="2">A massage wil be sent to your e-mail, includes your ID/Password.</font></center><br><br><center><font color="pink" size="2"><?=$err;?></font></center></div>
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