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  1. the array-method would have been my final approach, but i didn't want to go there, for fear i should complicate thing unnecessarilly.eval("variabile_"+variabila + " = valoarea") works best, and it is simplier.
  2. YES! that isi it: eval("variabile_"+variabila + " = valoarea"); I was close, but note close enough: eval("variabile_"+variabila = valoarea); thank you!
  3. how do i create a dinamically named variable and asign a value to it?take for instance the following function: <script type="text/javascript">function go2page(variabila, valoarea) { var variabile_bloc = "www"; var variabile_scara = "ssss"; eval("variabile_"+variabila = valoarea); var pagina = "imobile_search.php?bloc="+ variabile_bloc; document.location=pagina;}</script> and this element: <select name="bloc" id="bloc" onchange="go2page('bloc', this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);"> <option value="1">bloc 1</option> <option value="2">bloc 2</option&
  4. thx for the quick response.i've already seen those, and they don't really help. one of them is about .NET and the other removes le last item... or something.i need a solution to delete an element which index i know.
  5. how can i remove an element from an array??somenthing like "MyArray.splice(index,1)" in javascriptor a function like "ArrayRemoveItem" or something....please help! thx
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