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  1. Hi everyone, my name is Vasiliky, im from Greece.I LOVE THIS SITE.Actually ... its my First site .Im 31 years old and the last 3 months i decided to learn about websites (my relation with pc was only for internet lol - no knowledge at all).So , im reading/studing by myshelf everyday , and this site helps me very much.Sometimes i think im losing my way , i mean ... i dont know if i study right (without a teacher to "guide") or even sometimes dont know how to get informations about computer issues like how to make an apache server work on my pc .... and things like information i should know about how the system works on internet world (ip,ports,what is dynamic .. static pages .. and all that i must know). Eλπίζω να πετύχω το στόχο μου .... Name: VasilikyAlternative name(s): VaswBirth date: 13/08/1981Gender: FemaleZodiacal sign: LeonCountry of residance: GREECECity of residence: Nafpaktos
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