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  1. Allright. Thanks a lot for answering man. I have to ask a stupid question just to be sure. Is it possible to replace the footer url with static text?Regards
  2. Hi allI have written a custom print.css in order to get nice pages when the web application is printed. However, I have not managed to remove theb header and footer - the properties that has the title and "page 1 0f 2" on the top, and the url and date on the bottom of the page.Can this somehow be removed?Regards
  3. If I shrink it to 80% in the preview, then I can see the preview
  4. Because I made it, and have to customize the printing.
  5. Hi allI have developed a web site in MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) from scratch, with all custom masterpage and style sheet. Before writing a print.css, I wanted to see how my site looked like in print view, and to my big surprise, I saw content except header on top and the url adress at the bottom. I tried google, but did not find anything relevant. Any experience with that? Regards
  6. HiI got it right. I had to write this response.Charset = "Unicode";response.ContentEncoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(1252);
  7. Yes, tried with both "utf-8", "8859-1" and "iso-8859-1". No luck
  8. Hi allI have written code to generate av vcf card when clicking on a button, but I have a small problem. The problem is that it cannot take norwegian letters like: Æ, Ø and Å. (Norwegian is a western European and Scandinavian language). If my name is Bjørn, it will show as Bjørn on the card. I have tried many different values on the "response.Charset=" in my code, but without success. I have also tried this without success as theese variables are read only: stringWrite.Encoding.BodyName = "iso-8859-1";stringWrite.Encoding.CodePage = "1252";stringWrite.Encoding.EncodingName = "Western European";htmlWrite.Encoding.EncodingName = "iso-8859-1";This is my code. Please let me know if you know how to fix my problem private void VCard(HttpResponse response) { nameFirst = result.Rows[0]["Fornavn"].ToString(); nameLast = result.Rows[0]["Etternavn"].ToString(); company = "Company Æ, Ø, Å"; uRL = "www.whatever.no"; profession = result.Rows[0]["Tittel"].ToString(); telephone = result.Rows[0]["Telefon]ToString(); mobile = result.Rows[0]["Mobil"].ToString(); streetName ="Nationaltheateret"; city = "1517 OSLO"; response.Clear(); response.Charset = "1252"; response.ContentType = "text/x-vCard"; //create a string writer System.IO.StringWriter stringWrite = new System.IO.StringWriter(); //stringWrite.Encoding.BodyName = "iso-8859-1"; //stringWrite.Encoding.CodePage = "1252"; //stringWrite.Encoding.EncodingName = "Western European"; //create an htmltextwriter which uses the stringwriter System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter htmlWrite = new HtmlTextWriter(stringWrite); //htmlWrite.Encoding.EncodingName = "iso-8859-1"; //vCard Begin stringWrite.WriteLine("BEGIN:VCARD"); stringWrite.WriteLine("VERSION:2.1"); //Name stringWrite.WriteLine("N:" + nameFirst + ";" + nameLast); //Full Name // stringWrite.WriteLine("FN:" + nameFirst + " " + nameLast); stringWrite.WriteLine("FN:" +nameFirst + " " + nameLast); //Organisation stringWrite.WriteLine("ORG:" + company); //URL stringWrite.WriteLine("URL;WORK:" + uRL); //Title stringWrite.WriteLine("TITLE:" + nameTitle); //Profession stringWrite.WriteLine("ROLE:" + profession); //Telephone stringWrite.WriteLine("TEL;WORK;VOICE:" + telephone); //Fax stringWrite.WriteLine("TEL;WORK;FAX:" + fax); //Mobile stringWrite.WriteLine("TEL;CELL;VOICE:" + mobile); //Email stringWrite.WriteLine("EMAIL;PREF;INTERNET:" + email); //Address stringWrite.WriteLine("ADR;WORK;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:" + ";" + office + ";" + addressTitle + "=0D" + streetName + ";" + city + ";" + region + ";" + postCode + ";" + country); //Revision Date //Not needed //stringWrite.WriteLine("REV:" + DateTime.Today.Year.ToString() + //vCard End stringWrite.WriteLine("END:VCARD"); response.Write(stringWrite.ToString()); response.End(); }
  9. aic007

    Print css?

    Hi allI found the solution. I had to set height: 500 px; in the .master - class.
  10. aic007

    Print css?

    Sorry, can't do that. It's an intranet page.
  11. aic007

    Print css?

    If I use this.master{display: none;}then I get only one page, but the other problem I get is that no content is displayed
  12. aic007

    Print css?

    Hi Ricardo ZeaI am using display:none; I am not quite sure what you meant regarding .hide, but this is my whole print css.master{border:none;margin: 0px;}#LeftTd, #Row1, #Row2, #Row3, #Row4, #Row 5{display: none;}Any ideas? =)Regards
  13. Hi allCan you in your css decide what kind of hit for instance google will give you. For instance like this, if I searh on "VG", I get this: http://www.google.no/search?hl=no&q=vg...e-søk&meta=Can I decide how my site (title and description) will be in google search result? Regards.
  14. aic007

    Print css?

    What? I can see the blank page while being in print preview.
  15. aic007

    Print css?

    Hi allI have written a print css, and it works fine, but I have this little problem. When I print a web site, another blank page is also printed. Any experiences with that, or any workarounds you know about?Regards.
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