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  1. Thank you! What might be the problem that I can ping one computer A from B, but not B from A. It always says time out.
  2. I've downloaded Apache 2.22, MySql 5.6.10 and PHP 5.3.5. I've set them ready in Computer A in my home. I'm able to visit my website by typing localhost in the browser in Computer A. I have another Computer B in my home. I use a router to get on internet. A and B share the router. 1.By now, am I supposed to be able to visit my website from computer B by just typing A's IP address (say in the browser? If it's not working, is it because of the router's firewall? It's not OK whether I tried to ping A's IP address on B, or the other way around. Does this mean A and B can't communicate with each other? (A's IP, B's IP, submask What might be the problem? 2. What should I do to allow people all over the internet to be able to visit my website using my public IP (IP on the wan side of the router)? I know I should forward the port. But I'm not very familiar with the concept. I know Apache use port 80. So should I just forward port 80 to Computer A's IP address? Is this the port of Computer A or the router? Or I associate the port 80 of the router with the port 80 of Computer A? Is port forwarding the only thing left to do? What else should I do? Thank you very much! Please help me!
  3. Thank you for your help, Ingolme!
  4. Thank you!So I better just use one doctype , it's not a big deal. One last thing I promise ;-), do you mean that I can use the strict type declaration and also use elements like <frameset>, and the browsers will still render it correctly and the website will still work well as I expected? The only problem would be some warnings and errors, when I check my webpage with http://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_uri ?
  5. Thank you very much Foxy Mod! What will happen if I use one element and a wrong DOCTYPE which doesn't support the element? The browser will not render the content correctly? When I don't use a DOCTYPE, everything seems all right. I haven't seen the importance of such a declaration.
  6. Thank you thescientist!Do you mean I should use <!DOCTYPE html >? I thought if I don't use a DOCTYPE, there would be some problem viewing my website in different browser, is it right? Is H5 DTD backwards compatible? Because my code is mainly H4.01.
  7. I just don't know whether I should use the strict one or transitional one, or just <!DOCTYPE html >? And also what if I don't use any of these, just start with <html>? I know it's kind of a stupid question, please help me!
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