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  1. I created a mobile navigation menu which display navigation icons in the bottom of the mobile screen. I linked google icons page where I'm taking the icons. All 5 icons are displaying in the bottom of screen, however now I'm stuck and don't have an idea how to add links of pages in the menu bar. I mean there is icon with three bar for main menu, like I want to add contact.html, blog.html, images.html in that icon. I mean whenever user click on the three bar it should display the links of these pages where user can click on of those and read. I appreciate your help. Here is the html code
  2. Hi folks, There is a third party application, which supports javascript. It gives modification options. I would like to write a script in which it searches a file from ElasticSearch, if it finds the file then it should attach the file. I'm not good with javascript, just I started learning it for the last few days. Can someone help me, please? I really appreciate it.
  3. Is it not possible in HTML?? actually i have better know in HTML than PHP. if it is possible to make every page separate then joint it. I mean button page, header, footer, ad etc....... I will be thankful for your kind reply.
  4. Dear Experts, i have crated my personal page, whenever i need to change in header, buttons and etc, where i will change in each page, now i would like to separate button page, header & footer page, so friends how i can link these pages to my index and other pages.
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