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  1. I know that one, can't believe i forgot it. And unfortunately cafepresss still doesn't have black tee shirts, i think its cause they have to print the image on so any colors on black wouldn't exacly work, but i can put that on a bumper sticker, and i could make it in black on a white t-shirt
  2. I own shop at cafepress.com War on T-shirts. I would like to design some cool programmer shirts or other products and i realized the best place too look for ideas, from W3schools. So if anyone has a clever programing joke, oneliner, ect that you would like on a t-shirt just contact me at Grant.Warman@gmail.com and ideas would be appreciated, plus if you had an idea about how it should look please include that too. and if you went so far as to design with photoshop or the like, i would accept that too.And on a second note, i would like some help with my site. Currently i am using spacer images
  3. I have just begun using W3 schools and find it super informative, i decided to drop in and say a few words. I noticed that there is no mention of the <marquee> tag. I just thought that a brief discussion of this tag would be helpful for the site. I have heard it is not fully supported though so that could be a problem. I found a little on the tag after doing a quick search on google, here is a site with a brief description of marquee-specific atributes.Some random site which pales in comparison with W3schoolsThats about itGrantI have a site at cafepressbut since i can't promote or sell s
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