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  1. its says you can change it anyway you want as long as u leave link to the site in the coding which i have done
  2. Mr-Antony


    ok wot would be better to use a iframe are a css command (CLIP) not sure which 1 i should use
  3. ty for getting back to me so quick :)so would this make it lets say goto the right hand side on the page?
  4. Mr-Antony

    help needed

    need a bit of help here if someone canok i am wanting to insert a iframe into my internal e-mail web page the thing i dont understand is how i can click on lets say inbox and the frame will go to the right side of the page if you know wot i mean a bit like outlook express so if someone can help me i would be gratefull thank youmark
  5. ty rayh that was the thing i was looking for will try this thanks once again
  6. lol yer there are only primary school kids thank you for getting back so quickly
  7. ok thank you will it be easy to do
  8. ok here we go i am wanting to design a internal system where the pupils at my school can email each through the school network but i dont want them to have there own e-mail addresse can this be donethx mark
  9. ok synook will try and do that thank you for the feed back
  10. thx thats all i wanted to hear
  11. Mr-Antony

    feed back

    hi could some body give me some feed back on the web site i have made for work Badsley Moor thanks
  12. Mr-Antony


    sorry i didnt word this right i am lookin for a script of a opening book for a web site i am making sorry once again
  13. Mr-Antony


    hi all i am trying to find a flash opening book cant seem to find 1 a little help would be greatfullty all
  14. Mr-Antony


    sorry about the post skemcin had a really crap day at work that day shouldnt have posted it on this forum anyway so sorry once again
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