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  1. Everytime I set classpath via command prompt it remains set only as long as that instance of cmd is running. But when I close cmd and open it again and then echo the classpath I get nothing. How do I remedy this? Also, I don't want to set it via control panel since I'm required to do it using a bat file. Thanks
  2. I'm required to make an installer for a java app with installshield or install anywhere. A basic idea of how you do that with these and more detailed guides are what I'm looking for. Also which one should I go for out of the two and why? Links are wholly welcome but your own inputs are what I'm looking for more since you can keep it simpler and smarter Kindly kindly help
  3. OK i just noticed that this behavior is not limited to just mysql but to any command line apps in general. cmd.exe runs the same way too. Looks like I have a bigger problem in my hand
  4. My mysql command line client runs very sluggish most of the times in that it takes sometime before the key you entered gets displayed on the screen. It's the same also during dragging the window, trying to close it ,etc. But I also remember the odd 1-2 times when it ran perfectly. What could be causing this? help
  5. megavan

    asp error?

    Did what you said above and it seems to be working now. Thanks a lot for that.And what do those 2 lines really do? (i'm not the one who did the code)
  6. megavan

    asp error?

    Code for the previous page <%prname = Request("prname")%>WELCOME <% response.write(prname) & "," %></b></div><br><table border=1 name=dt width=100%><form name=doubtsec method=post action=saveckasgn.asp> <%session("myProfid")=session("myProfid")studid=request.querystring("studid")asid=request.querystring("asid")'response.write asid'response.write studidSet rec3 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") Set rec1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")call opendbsql="select * from answer where ass_id='" & asid & "' and student_id='" & studid & "';"rec3.open sql,objConnif rec3.eof thenresponse.write("<br><b>NO ASSIGNMENTS</b>")elserec3.movefirst do qsno=rec3("student_id") answ=rec3("answer") qsno=rec3("question_no") sql1="select question from questions where ass_id='" & asid & "' and question_no='" & qsno & "';" rec1.open sql1,objConn if rec1.eof then response.write("<br><b>NO Question</b>") else qs=rec1("question") response.write("<input type=hidden name=studid value='" & studid & "'>") response.write("<input type=hidden name=asid value='" & asid & "'>") response.write("<tr><td>" & qsno & "</td><td>" & qs & "</td></tr>") response.write("<tr><td colspan=2>" & answ & "</td></tr><tr></tr>") end if rec1.close rec3.movenext loop until rec3.EOFend if%></tr></td><tr><td><font color="red">Remark :<td><textarea rows=9 cols=20 name="remark"></textarea><tr><td align=center><select name="grade"> <option name=grade value=A>A</option> <option name=grade value=B>B</option> <option name=grade value=C>C</option> <option name=grade value=D>D</option> <option name=grade value=LATEMARK>LATE MARK</option></select> </td><td align=center><input type=submit value=submit></td></tr></td></tr></form></table> There's a bit more before this but that's just general html page layout code
  7. megavan

    asp error?

    Here's the table I'm trying to update:CREATE TABLE `ass_status` ( `Ass_Id` int(11) NOT NULL, `Student_Id` int(11) default NULL, `Status` varchar(20) default NULL, `Grade` varchar(20) default NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`Ass_Id`)) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;And the value for the 'Grade' variable is indeed coming from a drop down menu. Also noticed this on the error page:POST Data:studid=1&asid=15&studid=1&asid=15&studid=1&asid=15&studid=1&asid=15&studid=1&asid=15&studid=1&asid=15&grade=A
  8. megavan

    asp error?

    Surely <!--#include file="config.asp" --><%session("myProfid")=session("myProfid")prname = Request("prname")studid=Request.form("studid") asid=Request.form("asid") grade=Request.form("grade") remark=Request.form("remark") call opendbsql="update ass_status set grade='" & grade & "',remark='" & remark & "' where ass_id='" & asid & "' and student_id='" & studid & "';"sql1="update ass_status set status='checked' where ass_id='" & asid & "' and student_id='" & studid & "';"objConn.execute(sql)objConn.execute(sql1)response.redirect("ckasgn.asp")%>
  9. megavan

    asp error?

    I'm getting the error "Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value: '14, 14, 14, 14'saveckasgn.asp, line 12" on trying to open the asp file mentioned in the error. I'm using mysql as the backend and am not sure whether the culprit is that or asp. kindly help!
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