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  1. Bhushan


    Hello, This is Sanjeev(Senior of Bhushan, using his ID)According to ASPNETGUY, the solution to the current problem seems so. But then other way to check around is to see if the MSACCESS file is openede by any early connection or OPENED manually and did not close while in a Query Mode. If so then please close the MSACCESS file and delete the .LDB file (Locking) so that it releases all the keys.Each time you connect, please write the IDISPOSE function for the class to close all the connections, if you forget to close it at the time when u have opened the connection.
  2. Hi,Could anyone tel me which is correct ??What XML stand for ???a) Xtensible Markup LanguageOR:) Extensible Markup LanguagePlease tell me. This question may be unnecessary one.but i have this confusion...Thnx.
  3. Hi,Yes I have taken 1 exam on HTML 3.2. But I think it's better if you focus on HTML 4.0 or XHTML bcoz future lies in them.Thnx.
  4. Bhushan

    Best One

    Hi Skemcin,Thanks for that information. I require one information from you. Could you please tell me how useful it would be if I start using ASP.NET ?.I heard from one of my collegue that ASP.NET can be used both for client side validation as well as for server side scripting.Please let me know if my understandign is correct.Thanks in advance,Bhushan.
  5. Bhushan

    Best One

    Hi Group,Could anyone please tell me which server side script is better ???PHP or ASP. Which is easy to learn , understand and implement .Thnx.
  6. Ok ...thnx for the info dan.This topic can be closed now.Thnx,Bhushan.
  7. HI,Please look at the following code taken from the w3schools.com which would tell you how you can do this. You have to do it programatically. There is no tag as such to achieve this as far as my knowledge goes.Thnx,Bhushan. <html><head><style>body{font-family:arial;}table{background:black;position:absolute;}a{color:black;text-decoration:none;font:bold}a:hover{color:#606060}td.menu{background:lightgreen}table.topnav{font-size:80%;top:0;left:0}table.menu{font-size:100%;bottom:0;z-index:-1}</style><script type="text/javascript">var i=0var c=0var intHidefunction sho
  8. Hi Dan,Thanks for your information.It may not be important to have a default value but there would be a default attribute value. Could you please tell me if you know the answer. Thnanks.
  9. Hi Dan,Thank you very much for spnding some time. I am almost clear on this now. 1) Could you please let me know what is the default for <area> ?. Is it the rect or circle ?.2) One more thing, Is this <map id="panetmap" is going to take the value from <usemap="#planetmap" ??.Thanks in advance,Bhushan.
  10. Hi Dan,If you take a closer look at my code, you could see that I have attached the same piece of element. I am not able to understand the logic used there.Could you please explain me the code briefing about the logic.Thnx,Bhushan.
  11. HI Group,I am attaching a piece of code from w3schools.com regard to MAP tag. I need to know how does it work logically. I also found that it has got 2 sections like Client side mapping and server side mapping. What does it mean ??. We know that we include <area> tag inside <map> tag. What's the default attribute for <area> ??. Is it the rect or the square ??.kindly spend your precious time and let me know.Thanks in advance,Bhushan.<p>Click on one of the planets:</p><img src ="planets.gif"width ="145" height ="126"alt="Planets"usemap ="#planetmap" /><map
  12. Bhushan

    GET & POST

    Hey,Thanks for the information. I have understood it very much.Thnx,Bhushan.
  13. Hi,It's very easy. You could use frames to do this. Include these frames in a frameset and you could achieve your target.Thnx,Bhushan.
  14. Bhushan

    GET & POST

    HI Group,Could anyone please tell me some differences between GET and POST methods.How do they work when used.Thanks.Bhushan.
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