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  1. Is there a way to get it to inherit the parent class? Like how MVC frameworks do?
  2. I tried but it's still not working. Here's what I have so far (I've taken unnecessary bits out):index.php <?php// Load the core class.require 'core/core.php';$core = new Core;$core->run(); core/core.php <?phprequire 'core/load.php';class Core { function __construct() { $this->load = new Load; } function run() { $controller_name = 'hello_world'; $function = 'hello_universe' $controller_file = 'app/controllers/'.$controller_name.'.php'; $this->controller = new $controller_name_uc; call_user_func(array($this->controller, $function)); }} core/load.php <?phpclass Load { public function library($library) { if(is_array($library)) { foreach($library as $lib) { $this->library($lib); } } echo $library; }} app/controllers/hello_world.php <?phpclass Hello_world { function __construct() { echo $this->load->library('demo'); } function index() { echo 'Hello, world!'; }}
  3. I'm currently learning to work with PHP classes for the first time properly and to do this, I'm developing a lightweight framework but I'm having trouble calling certain other classes within a class. I've got a "core" class which is the main one and is run when the index file is loaded. Inside this class' constructor, I have$this->load = new Load;The controller file is then included and the required function is run. However, when I try and call $this->load->library() from inside the controller class, I get an "undefined property" error. I know this is probably because they're separate classes but is there a way to run a function from the core class?I hope I've explained this properly so thanks for any help.
  4. Hey guys. I used to have Macromedia Flash 8 but I've now got Adobe Flash CS3. I am trying to make a speaking animated person in flash and for this, I wish to change the framerate to 24FPS for high quality, and then import the sound to timeline and for each individual frame, change the facial and mouth expressions. For this, I would like to, when clicking on a frame of the sound to animate, just the sound for that one frame to play so I know what expression to add.I used to be able to do this in the old version fo Flash and I hope that you can help me with this. I'm only 13 but I wish to become a full-time animator when I'm older and this is a great help to me.Thankyou,Ryan
  5. Hey guys. Haven't been here for a while. Anyway, I'm creating a commercial PHP software and I don't know how I'd go about protecting it using license keys.For example,User purchases yearly/monthly lease of my product -> A license key is generated -> When they install, they are asked for license key -> Check with my server whether it is valid and whether it is installed on another site -> Proceed with installation -> When license expires, show message on user's site.Does anybody know how I would go about doing this?Thankyou,Ryan
  6. minik


    Is there a way to add shortcuts to a webpage so that when you type (for example) ALT+E, it would open another webpage?This is going to be a key part in a project I am working on.
  7. minik

    Create MySQL Table

    Ah. It's working now
  8. minik

    Create MySQL Table

    I'm creating a guestbook script and I've tried to use this to make the databases in the install file: mysql_query("CREATE TABLE `gbz_admin` (`username` VARCHAR( 15 ) NOT NULL ,`password` VARCHAR( 15 ) NOT NULL ,`email` VARCHAR( 35 ) NOT NULL) TYPE = MYISAM;CREATE TABLE `gbz_entries` (`id` INT( 6 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY,`name` VARCHAR( 35 ) NOT NULL ,`email` VARCHAR( 35 ) NOT NULL ,`entry` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL) TYPE = MYISAM;"); It's not doing anything. I've included the connection file and its not showing any errors, so I don't know what the problem is.Can anyone help?
  9. minik

    PHP Login Sessions

    Are sessions supposed to be this confusing?All I need is a way for a user to login and see if their username and password match those in the database and save the username in a session.Could anybody actually tell me how to do that, or make me an example?
  10. minik

    PHP Login Sessions

    I've tried it but I'm still having trouble. What would the actual code look like if i needed it to do the following: Check if username and password match (if not, display error message) Start a session and set session "logged in" to 1. Start another session that saves the username for easy access to data later. Could somebody help me please?
  11. minik

    PHP Login Sessions

    Thanks;) I'll try it. When I've made my RPG, I'll put a link to your site on the Credits page.
  12. minik

    PHP Login Sessions

    Thanks :)I don't understand what this is:
  13. minik

    PHP Login Sessions

    I'm creating an RPG that uses stores a user's username and password after they login, but I don't know how to do it.I need something that can save the user and pass and edit tables in a database. e.g. it stores "minik" as the username and when they change their profile, it edits the USERNAME_profile table.Is there a way?
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