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  1. no that's not what i meant , what i meant is , if you go to the next page , it will extract data from that people you selected . without making multiple pages . so it's the script that will do the choosing work .
  2. craymel


    Hi , can someone explain what does CDbl does ?
  3. craymel


    Hi , can someone explain what CDbl does ? i don't really get it . It says"The CDbl function converts an expression to a variant of subtype Double"does that means double the amount ? or what ?
  4. oh , must it be used in forms only ? let's say i have a database , i have a page that display my members . I want to do it , when people click on the names of the member , it will direct it to another or a same page with different content . so that just the content that changes . I don't want to make multiply site for each member . lol . But is it "get" method to use ? i am so blur .
  5. i wanna know how does the "get" method works . does it like put all the things into the URL and on the other form , it will take the things from the URL ?
  6. Hi , i have read the querystring alot of times , but i still don't really get it , can someone please explain ?
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