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  1. I have this css, but I cannot figure out how to add a dropdown feature to it. /* Menu */#menu {float: right;width: 600px;height: 90px;margin: 0 auto;padding: 0;}#menu ul {float: right;margin: 0;padding: 25px 0px 0px 0px;list-style: none;line-height: normal;}#menu li {float: left;height: 65px;padding: 0px 15px 0px 15px;}#menu a {display: block;height: 70px;line-height: 70px;margin-right: 1px;letter-spacing: 1px;text-decoration: none;text-align: center;text-transform: uppercase;font-family: 'Arvo', serif;font-size: 14px;font-weight: normal;color: #FFFFFF;border: none;}#menu a:hover, #menu .cur
  2. I downloaded a template and would like to get the info in the body to be centered. Don't really know how to explain...The attached image shows the template is stretched across the whole screen, I would like to limit the "white" content, or body to about 800px. I tried doing this by adding a width: 800px to various parts of the style.css, but i cannot get only the "white" content to stay in the center at 800px. When I add the width, it all goes to the left, and then there is this huge green open space on the left side of page. The code looks like this... style.css body { margin:20px 20px; font
  3. I have a windows 7 ultimate(x64) machine, on which I have installed wamp, running a small website for the game which the server is "hosting". I am wondering if anyone here perhaps know of a way to restart the whole server with a button on a php page. So far my searches has only come up with ways to restart PHP and IIS Services(not using IIS at all, and certain settings only take effect after a complete restart), but I would like to be able to reboot the complete server, as if you clicked on start and then restart. The other plan is to at a very later stage, keep the game server windows based,
  4. Excellent! It works like a charm!
  5. sorry but that doesn't make any sense to me.I'll try again tomorrow. need to sleep now.
  6. ah ok, that makes sense.almost there... could you possibly tell me how can i replace that 1334072381 with something that gets this number based on user id? Something like this... $unixtime="SELECT acct_lastlogin_time FROM $db WHERE uid = '".$q."'"; I used this tutorial on w3scools
  7. I am having some difficulty completely understanding what you said... date ('j F Y, H:i:s') are these two seperate parameters? If so, how do I tell date('j F Y, H:i:s') to convert 1334072381 to j F Y, H:i:s I have something in mind like this: $acct_lastlogin_time = 'j F Y, H:i:s'; echo "<td align='center'>" . date($acct_lastlogin_time) . "</td>"; The table that contains the time values is acct_lastlogin_time without any conversion, i get this output pm2012-04-11T21:15:03+00:002012-04-11T21:15:03+00:0030_Wednesdaypm0330Wednesday20129154_301504UTC
  8. I have a mysql database, where user activity is recorded. currently the data/time in database is displayed as 1334072381 How can i convert that specific date / time to realtime, so that it reads like 11 April 2012, 20:42:51 Currently I have a php page, that has lots of code, including this: echo "<td align='center'>" . date('j F Y, H:i:s') . "</td>"; but for ALL users it displays the same time, even though i know, certain users was not active for at least a week... Any help?
  9. I just solved this problem be getting a 64bit dll from the following websitehttp://www.mediafire.com/php-win64-extensionsJust placed dll in ext directory under php, restarted wamp, and its working now. Just thought if anyone ever wants to monitor windows services with php and wamp, this is the solution.
  10. Yes, I know that specific extension won't work in ubuntu or any other linux, but I think that ubuntu has some other, "more easily optainable" ways of monitoring a certain service.
  11. I think that the effect you are looking for can be found with Highslide, google it.I don't know how you will get the images to "show/list" automatically, but I am pretty sure you should be able to use some php directory (image) scanning function to automatically put all images in a certain directory on that page.
  12. Cool, I think I made some progress. Did everything as suggested http://www.geeksengine.com/article/install-pear-on-windows.html, but i still cannot see the highlighted code. I'm lost.Thinking about rather installing ubuntu with LAMP, and monitor it's services with php, without all these PEARL and PECL stuff. But I don't know. This windows PEARL and PECL seems to be too much for me.
  13. Nope, didn't know how. Still don't know exactly. Didn't know the .bat files are in the tgz archive i downloaded. Don't know how to get it installed, and I don't understand the description in that link very clearly :-(
  14. Right, read through most of the description of the installation process, and I got lost not far from the beginning.It seems like it is needed to install "a development" environment, with zend and some other stuff, which I know less about. At this moment I feel more lost than I was before starting this post
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