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  1. Midpark Robotics Homepage (beta testing)Thanks.
  2. I have a webpage (for our Robotics team), and I have some elements from Google on that page (custom search, map, calendar, analytics). The problem I'm having is that the Google stuff will load right as the page is loading, and other elements loaded by my AJAX code take longer to load. In addition, the map and calendar aren't even visible when the page first loads. Is there some way to make the Google stuff load AFTER my AJAX requests have finished?I would greatly appreciate any help.
  3. I was wondering whether or not you can set attributes using XSLT.I want to display an image, and use the path specified in the XML file.However, the XSLT doesn't work when it's inside quotes.If not XSLT, then how can I get the path from the XML file into the attribute?Thanks
  4. I found this helpful trick to use when working with positioning div's using CSS. This helps especially if you're using "float:right" or "float: left".If the div's have different heights, then any text below is put under the smaller div. To avoid that, just put in "<br clear="all" />" after the div's. It creates an "invisible line", so everything starts after BOTH div's.
  5. Actually... with Adobe's CS3, the latest version of Dreamweaver is Dreamweaver CS3 (version 9.0, I have build 3453)Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
  6. I'm working on some JavaScript for the image right now: function changepic(member){document.getElementById("group").src = "Pictures/Members/" + member + ".jpg"document.getElementById("group").alt = memberif(member=="group"){ document.getElementById("group").alt = "Group Picture" document.getElementById("group").width = window.innerWidth*.3 return true}var r = document.getElementById("group").height/document.getElementById("group").widthif(r*window.innerWidth*.3 > document.getElementById("members").clientHeight) document.getElementById("group").width = document.getElementById("members").clientHeight/relse document.getElementById("group").width = window.innerWidth*.3} However, it seems to flicker, and has some issues in IE. Any suggestions?
  7. P.S. I used the max-height CSS attribute to limit the height, but the image gets distorted. And it doesn't work in IE... (I'm testing mainly in Firefox)
  8. Is it possible to set the maximum dimensions of an image? For example: 100x150. So if the image gets changed (using JavaScript) to another one that's 150x150, it goes to 100x100.In other words, preserving the ratio, but not going over either 100 or 150.
  9. You can only call header() before all output. That includes all HTML tags and PHP output.
  10. I have some issues with a simple PHP MySQL message board. It works fine, but refreshing the page after adding a message submits the message again. I also wanted the page to refresh the page every 5 minutes, but the redundant submit gets in the way.Is there a way to delete or get rid of POSTDATA? Or somehow disable it for a refresh?Thanks
  11. The website is for our Robotics team. The whole website was uploaded by a guy at our Board of Education, because we didn't have a domain name then. He got us a domain name and uploaded all the stuff. I don't know his contact info, otherwise I would see if he had a backup of it after he uploaded it.
  12. Is there any way to download the actual PHP script (not what it returns) from a server once you upload it to the server?I lost my jump drive with the PHP script on it, and I have no backup of it. I don't feel like re-writing the whole thing, although I could...
  13. Is there any "transparent" color that you could set for the background to "trick" the validator?
  14. I'm using innerHTML to detect what's in a table cell. I used the onclick event. It works fine in IE, but nothing happens in FireFox. I think it's because of the innerHTML. The page has been validated as XHTML transitional. onclick="disp_bio(memtable.cells[6].innerHTML)" "memtable" is the id of the table. "disp_bio" is a function that opens up a new window depending on what the parameter is.I need something to detect what's in the cell because the table sorts itself.
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