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  1. As it turns out, this was an issue with firefox....if you right click and view selection source it will show <br> tags, but if you just view page source it shows <br /> tags. I was replaceing the wrong thing! Driving me mad.Oh and thankyou for your help, I put this little example together and juxtaposed those lines.
  2. <?php$str='<?php$str="<?php $test = "test!"; echo $test;?>";$str = str_replace(\'<br>\',\'\',$str);echo highlight_string($str, true);?>';$str = str_replace('<br>','',$str);echo highlight_string($str, true);?> The above is meant to output highlighted php code and remove the <br> tags that the function highlight_string() adds. It doesn't work. Anyone know why? The reason is that if you intend to take the outputted code and display it in a table with line numbers and line highlighting, these <br> tags make the table rows three lines tall and the code lines are too spaced out. But I can't figure out how to get rid of them, str_replace doesn't seem to find those <br> tags, but if you parse the above code you'll see that it does replace the <br> in the manually entered code.
  3. Yes, you could also go to PHP.net for examples of every other item on W3S. I think that some of the missions of W3S is to simplify concepts for beginner developers, as well as provide comprehensive references to the more advanced. A PHP GD section deserves a spot I think.
  4. Personally, I would like to see a section added about PHP Image manipulation and the GD library and such. It wouldn't have to be a very in-depth tutorial, basically one just to let people know what they can do. But a full PHP Image reference would be useful.
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