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  1. Hi Check out this sitehttp://www.w3schools.com/asp/asp_browser.asp
  2. HI saubzIn IE, I dont see any blank space between the image and menu.....
  3. HiThis will create a new column, if this is what you need.....ALTER TABLE TablenameADD PercentComplete AS (ActualHours/EstimatedHours)
  4. hi skemcinNice game, came close but could go over 323.5, but reached 323.4... so close
  5. HI aspnetguy, I didnt see ur reply when i replied, probably we replied in the same time.
  6. VBScript function, round()check out this sitehttp://www.w3schools.com/vbscript/func_round.asp
  7. Hi ChocolateThe "M" in the "members" is kind of tough to read, took me some time to understand that.
  8. pulpfiction

    No Apostrophe

    HiOfcourse you will have even number of Apostrophe, cos for every open Apostrophe u will need 1 to close....
  9. Hi,Try this, Do you need somthing like this,<div align="center">
  10. I am using VS.NETJavascript code in the HTML page<script language="javascript"> function test() { // alert('working 1') document.location.href=('http://www.google.com'); // alert('after') }</script>I am calling this function in 2 ways 1. From the HTML page itself using,<input type="Button1" size="110" width="100" name="test" onclick="test();">2. From the .aspx.vb file,Button2.Attributes.Add("onclick", "java script:window.test();")When I click the Button1 the Google site is loaded, but when I click the Button2 the google site is not loaded and stays in the same page.When I uncomment the alert command the page is loaded for button2, only when i wait for the page to load and then give an OK for the alert.Is it the problem with time required for the page to load or whats wrong with the code...Why is this so????
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