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  1. Yep, that the way, but how can i even evaluate this? I mean if we are talking about just data exchange, thats simple, but i can't understand what the fact of tonns of opened requests at the same time means for server performance.
  2. Hello gentlemen.As continue to my previous post, I got some important question.Lets imagine that there is a site with around 50 000 users at the same time on it, this users is on different pages of this site (10-20 users on page) and on each page they must exchange small amounts of data with each other in real-time (like chat room for example)How can i do this? there is a way to do this wit AJAX by holding request from user to database on server, until server gives answer... but that way it will mean that 50000 request will be opened all over the site on the same time. Isn't that gonna be insa
  3. That sounds like exactly what I need.Is it mean, that i need to learn right now any server side scripting, like ASP.NET+ ajax?And what about database's? Is it part of server-side scripting tutorials, or there is separated database technology (or whatever)?
  4. Hello, gentlemen.Can you give me a quick tip about how can i achieve some server side things.Truly i just don't know what i need to learn.What i need, is to be able to send value of some JS variable of user1 to the same JS variable of user2. Value need to be send from user1 if user1's value changed, and user2's function must start as soon as he receives this value.How can i achieve this value transferring between users of my page.Am I moving in right direction with learning ASP.NET Web Pages, or i totally misunderstood their purpose?
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