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  1. I solved the problem.Just by changing the doctype to 3.2 final ,its worked.
  2. When i give <td height=100%> of <div id="container"> ,div is automatically expanding to fill the height of <td>,but only in firefox,In ie it fill the enire window viewport,so some element in the window out of vewport.when i don't give <td height=100%> this not all expanding in accordance with window resize.can anybody help me?
  3. Actually i meant 'i' instead of 1.sorry for that.I am using 'i'.The problem is solved when i used import mx.controls.UIScrollBar; before the code.thanks
  4. Vow vow thats great .its working. many thanks Deirdre's Dad .u saved my day.Also i like to know the difference between pageY and clientY.i got [pageY 834 and the same clientY is 314.
  5. Hi How can we pass mouse events through a dynamically generated elements function?eg newdiv.onmousedown = function(){fn_name(divname,event);} when i pass the event i get undefined.What may be the reason?
  6. HiI created multiple textfields dynamically using action script and assigned scrollbar to each of them,that too dynamically.But the problem is that scrollbar is visible to only the last text field.Other textfields can be scrolled through mouse scroll button.How can i make visible all scroll bars?my code is given below var comment='testing';for(var i=0;i<3;i++){comment=comment+i;var dynamicText="dynamicText"+i;var dScrollbar="dScrollbar"+1;this.createTextField(dynamicText, i, x,y, 200, 50);y=y+40;this[dynamicText].wordWrap = true;textFormat = new TextFormat();textFormat = this[dynamicText].getTextFormat();textFormat.color = 0xCC3366;textFormat.size = 24;this[dynamicText].setNewTextFormat(textFormat);//this.getNextHighestDepth()//dynamicText.TextFormat(size=16);this.createClassObject(mx.controls.UIScrollBar,dSc rollbar,20);this[dScrollbar].setStyle(haloOrange);// Set the target text field for the scroll bar.this[dScrollbar].setScrollTarget(this[dynamicText]);this[dScrollbar].setSize(i, this[dynamicText]._height);// Move it next to the text field.this[dScrollbar].move(this[dynamicText]._x + this[dynamicText]._width, this[dynamicText]._y);//trace(this[dScrollbar]._targetInstanceName);this[dScrollbar].setScrollTarget(this[dynamicText]);this[dynamicText].text = comment;}
  7. sajan

    What else can I do?

    Justsomeguy can u pls give the details and examples of creating php c compiler
  8. How do i check memmory leak in ie?
  9. Thanks, that link is useful.The delete function worked well in firefox,but in explorer if we delete then dynamically create then delete,if these process repeat few times ,IE crashes.
  10. The data is some descriptions and names.I want to add these to table .And next time i call a different set i have to delete the entire row and add new rows.Any suggestion?
  11. Hi how should dynamically add rows to a table.The data is from php output through ajax.Suppose I have a table called <table id="table1"></table> .How can i add dynamic values to the table.
  12. Can you explain me the above?childnode='testChild';// id of a div How can i get the parent id of childnode? childnode.parentNode.getAttribute(childnode) ; Is it the right way?i am getting errors.
  13. How can i get the id of parent node of an element?
  14. Anybody knows the script for creating a toolbox that can be used to write ,edit text and change font,font size,color etc.Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks synook.Its worked .i didn't know that query string can be passed through img tag.thanks a lot.
  16. But i use php generated images.I have to create image according to fig value.Say if fig=1, circle will be created ,2 line will be created(on draw_figur.php).Then how can i pass the parameter fig to draw_figure.php without using ajax.
  17. Hi I use prototype frame work.When i try to display image using ajax response,i get the characters instead of image.What should i do to display image.my code <table align="center" width="400"><tr><td><a href="#" onclick="drawFigure('1')">Draw Circle</a></td><td><div><img id="circle"/></div></td></tr></table> ajax code function handleResponse(response) { $('circle').innerHTML=response; }
  18. sajan

    Remove a child node

    How remove a child node from xml file? When i try to remove i got error message.Warning: DOMNode::removeChild() expects parameter 1 to be DOMNode, string given'code $xmlDoc = new DOMDocument();$xmlDoc->load($file); $x = $xmlDoc->documentElement;$rootT=$x->tagName;//$result is an array for($i=0;$i<sizeof($result);$i++) { $root = $xmlDoc->getElementsByTagName($rootT)->item(0); $root->removeChild($result[$i]); }$xmlDoc->save($file); What may be the problem?
  19. I got root node.The method i used $xml=new DOMDocument();$xml->load($file_name);echo $xml->documentElement->tagName; Also thanks boen for take interest in this topic.
  20. Through your mehod echo $xml->documentElement->textContent; i get the whole text content.,But note the root tag.suppose i have an xml file <?xml version="1.0"?><user><heading>Edit </heading><delete>Delete</delete><groupname>Name</groupname></user> How i get the root node,here user?
  21. Hi How get the root node of an xml file .(Object created from DOMDocument).When i use the root() nothing output. eg. $xml=new DOMDocument();$xml->load($file_name); echo $xml->root(); i use php5.
  22. don't write this way $seledit = "UPDATE Offerter SET underkonsult = ".$underkonsult . " AND offertNr = " . $offertNr . " AND offeradFran = " . $offeradFran . " AND offeradTill = " . $offeradTill . " AND bestalldFran = " . $bestalldFran . " AND bestalldTill = " . $bestalldTill . " AND lon = " . $lon . " WHERE OffertID = ".$offertID; use $seledit = "update Table1 set fieldname=$fieldname, fieldname1=$fieldname1, fieldname2=$fieldname2 WHERE ID = '$ID'";
  23. if u want to update use. $seledit = "update Table1 set fieldname=$fieldname WHERE ID = ".$ID;//fieldname is the name of field u want to update and $filedname is the value.$result = mysql_query($seledit, $con) or die("Query failed:<BR> " . mysql_error());
  24. the response variable in the function handleResponse() getting values whenever the function sendRequest() called.Here the response variable or xmlHttp.responseText in handleResponse has the value admin.I need this value to available in the ret variable so that i can carry out necessary checking.
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