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  1. Heh. I attempted to follow his link from my Linux laptop and it basically went nowhere. Now I know why. It didn't forward me to adultfriendfinder, though. Wish I'd have seen your post a bit earlier - could have saved me some wasted time.Later On,D
  2. heruwer


    Wow, that's scary... this is sort of the approach I was looking at for using C to do the server side... It looks like PHP has all this already figured out (and better than I would have myself). Good to know it's somewhat similar in syntax. I hate to use pointers in programs unless they are absolutely necessary - they can lead to serious problems when debug phase starts (maybe I'm weird for a C coder, but I'd rather a hundred extra lines of code that are readable and maintainable than one cryptic, unfathomable gem I can't figure out a year later. Of course, that's what comments are for, but
  3. heruwer


    Thank you all for the responses and the good info. I'm definitely going to be looking at PHP, the Google Toolkit, and other resources mentioned. I just saw a nice article in Linux Journal on Mochikit (http://www.mochikit.org), which is another AJAX framework. That looks promising, too.I kinda thought C might be a bit heavy for this kind of stuff, but I'm more familiar with C than PHP - that's why I was considering it. One of the problems I have is the embarassment of riches in the computing world right now. There are so many ways to do any task or solve a particular problem that taking the
  4. heruwer


    The noob speaks:Since I'm really new to AJAX and to Javascript, but not to Linux/FOSS, I'd like to see more stuff on it in a tutorial that does NOT rely on Active Server Pages for server-side stuff. I don't ever intend to learn ASP (I would prefer a more open technology), and need to know how to set up server-side processes with another technology. Would PHP be a good choice for this, or, maybe C (gcc)?Since the best code is code already written, are there server-side libraries anywhere which might be useful to someone wanting to use AJAX with a minimum of server-side programming?Or do I hav
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