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  1. teng84

    Url Function

    try http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.parse-url.php
  2. teng84


    i learn using php in two weeks by 5 pages of lecture... that contains db connection etc..I was force to finish 3 local sites so i have to learn PHP that fast or else i will receive failinggrades as well as my classmates that rely on me
  3. teng84


    ignore double post
  4. it wont read the rest of your code it will stop your script with an error thats says header already been sent something like that..
  5. this might help read your csv file parse it so you can insert it into your db...
  6. teng84

    Is it the same?

    isset(var) check if set so if var is equal to 0 its trueempty(var) if var is equal to 0 zero truevar = null null means 0 or empty so i think isset is enough but if you want to accept 0 values use empty
  7. teng84

    table doesn't exist

    Sometimes when you insert different data type it gives you that message eg insert string to your date table , not quite sure about this but this happens when you select and you take condition like number=string
  8. teng84

    PHP Image Resize

    whats the error message?
  9. $qry =mysql_query('slect * from tble order by rank');echo '<select name="">'; while($row = mysql_fetch_array($qry)){echo '<option value="'.$row['rankid'].'">'.$row['ranki'].'</option>';}echo '</select>';
  10. your code is weird.. this is what really happen when you dont indent your codes.. tab is free..! indent your code properly first and maybe you will the problem all by your self
  11. teng84

    Images: blob or...

    it not right to store images in your database.. I suggest instead of inserting images in your db just store the location of each images.. so you only need to call those images.
  12. i guess you need to have at least three tablesnews commentposternews -> news_id | news_content | etccomment-> c_id | c_news_id | poster_idposter > poster_id | etc...so you will haveposter_id+---<news_id but since i made a crossing table all the data will base in the comment table and redundancy will be avoid
  13. i guess you need to explain it better its hard to guess and waste non sense answers
  14. or something like$files1 = scandir($dir);echo count($files1);
  15. <?phpforeach (glob("*.txt") as $filename) { $CTR++;}?>
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