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  1. You could just use a moving gif to show the page is doing something.
  2. imrie

    Not That One!

    XHTML 1.1 is not compatiable with IE 7.0, perhaps 6.0 too. The reason it is working with IE is because you are not serving the pages correctly, you are using text/html. This makes it compatible with IE 7.0 although it is incorrect you should use the application/xhtml+xml.
  3. imrie

    mysql [?]

    Similar if not exactly the same post to the one you posted in the php section...If you wanted to write the file content to a database table then use it in a another page...this is possible, you can create a textarea for you to write your code into then insert into the table. <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER[PHP_SELF]; ?>" method="post"><textarea cols="50" rows="50" name="content"></textarea><input type="submit" name="submit" /></form><?phpif (isset($_POST[submit])) {mysql_query("INSERT INTO table (content) VALUES ('$_POST[content]')");}echo 'File content saved';?>
  4. imrie

    need help!

    Yes, you can create such a feature. You should look into -PHP file handling, in particular fopen , fread , fwrite.
  5. Yes, would change them as they are just text right now.
  6. Here's what i have been working on so far, it needs something... but i don't know what...? Is it to flashy for old browsers? its only CSS and HTML so far.Click here to view siteAny suggestions appreciated,Thanks,
  7. The site would be computing related, so i think it should be viewable by a reasonably up-to-date browsers, although you could say w3schools is computing related, therefore, i should perhaps simplify the site to an older browser compatible website. What do you think of the color choice?Thanks,
  8. Hello,I am making another website, this website is an educational website that must be easy to read, easy to navigate and look stylish. However, i am not sure where the "boundary" is. I don't know whether to go for all out CSS2 bit of JavaScript and Ajax. Will there be a high percentage of users whose browsers can not handle such technologies. And should i stay to conventional "older" code where everyone will be able to use, because in my books doing this would sacrifice the look and feel of the site.Color choice, i need a 2nd opinion on my color choice for such a website, i was thinking of the following color palletes from http://kuler.adobe.com, the Sandy Stone or the 28X Dusty Petrol.Round Boxes? or Regular Boxes?Think of this as a "customer survey", what would you prefer?, what do you suggest?Many Thanks,PS. Apologies if this is the wrong section, didn't see where else i could post this.
  9. imrie


    Creating your own forum is a major project, it is of course very possible. You will need a MySQL Database to store information like; posts,users,threads etc. If you are really new to this, there are a lot of Forum Software's that you can install on your server which would produce what you are after. I recommend SMF , simplemachines.org.
  10. You are missing a bracket ) .You have -if (isset($_COOKIE["username"]){It should be -if (isset($_COOKIE["username"])){
  11. I think that would need to be done with JavaScript or an other client-side lanugage that can interact with a clients command. The code i posted will process the information once it is has been submitted, this is server-side.
  12. Alternatively, if you didn't want to use a third party app. If i wanted to add bold and italic functions etc. I would do this - /* Say you had content like this - Hello [b]World![/b] [i]this is a WYSIWYG[/i]*/$feedback = $_POST[feedback];//Search and replace for [b]$step1 = str_replace("[b]", "<strong>", $feedback);//Search and replace for [/b]$step2 = str_replace("[/b]", "</strong>", $step1);//Search and replace for [i]$step3 = str_replace("[i]", "<i>", $step2);//Search and replace for [/i]$step4 = str_replace("[/i]", "</i>", $step3);// Parse the line breaks$finish = nl2br($step4);//Then just insert it to db See if that works, never made my own WYSIWYG.
  13. Use the nl2br() function, this parses line breaks.So - $content_br = nl2br($POST_[feedback]);
  14. imrie

    Parse Error

    This is defining variables:$dogname = trim($_POST['dogname']);$dogbreed = trim($_POST['dogbreed']);$doggender = trim($_POST['doggender']); You had defined them.
  15. imrie

    Parse Error

    Have you defined the variables?
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