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  1. Thanks! I did not see that typo and I was looking the code for a while but now I see it, it was obvious. Also thanks for the help with document.write I will have a look into it
  2. I did make this one that was less wasteful but I just could not get it to work for the life of me, it preloaded the images and change the scr attribute. The document.write is what I have been taught and I am still learning, what is a good alternative to use instead of that? Once again, thanks for the help This is the one that I could not get to work <script type="textjavascript"><!---//store an interval in a variablevar pause = 1500;//create and intialize a countervar n = 0;//create an array of image file namesvar imgs = new Array("Img1.jpg","Img2.jpg","Img3.jpg");//preload all the imagesvar preload = new Array();for( var i = 1; i<imgs.length;i++){peeload[i] = new Image();preload[i].src = imgs[i];}//a function to display each image for the set intervalfunction rotate(){document.images.pic.src = imgs[n];(n == (imgs.length - 1)) ? n = 0 : n++;setTimeout("rotate()", pause);}//specify the onload event-handlerwindow.onload=rotate;--></script>
  3. Thanks, whats so bad about the code?
  4. Would someone be able to comment this JavaScript for me to help give me a better understand of what the actual code is doing (I am still a learner) Thanks <script type="text/javascript"><!--function rotator(options) {var a = options.delay;var b = options.media;var mediaArr = []; for(var i = 0, j = b.length; i < j; i++) { mediaArr.push(b[i].img);} document.write('<div id="rotatorContainer"></div>');var container = document.getElementById('rotatorContainer');var Start = 0; rotatorCore(); function rotatorCore() {Start = Start + 1; if(Start >= mediaArr.length)Start = 0;container.innerHTML = mediaArr[Start];//console.log(Start);setTimeout(rotatorCore, a); } } rotator({delay : 2500, media : [{img : '<img src="Example.jpg" width="212" height="300" border="0" />'}]});// --></script>
  5. Would someone be able to give me examples on how JavaScript is implemented in different browsers. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated
  7. Saying what the actual code is doing, it is to help me understand it better.
  8. Would someone be able to comment this JavaScript clock for me please, thanks. <script>function show2(){if (!document.all&&!document.getElementById)returnthelement=document.getElementById? document.getElementById("tick2"): document.all.tick2var Digital=new Date()var hours=Digital.getHours()var minutes=Digital.getMinutes()var seconds=Digital.getSeconds()var dn="PM"if (hours<12)dn="AM"if (hours>12)hours=hours-12if (hours==0)hours=12if (minutes<=9)minutes="0"+minutesif (seconds<=9)seconds="0"+secondsvar ctime=hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds+" "+dnthelement.innerHTML="<b style='font-size:14;color:black;'>"+ctime+"</b>"setTimeout("show2()",1000)}window.onload=show2//--></script>
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