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  1. Yes, because I'm very hurry, so I need a help soon. I'm sorry, but I have solved it, thank so much
  2. I'm programming with Google Map API, now I have a problem that need a help. It is how to calculate coordinate & device distance between 2 coordinate, all coordinate belong to the same line, here is a picture demo, thank for advice or direction
  3. Hello all, I want to preview an image before it upload and it can remove preview (similar cancel select image). I only want to up 1 image, preview it and can remove it. I have code in that link and I don't know why it don't preview image, I can't solve because my ability of programming is not good? Please help me fix it, link http://jsfiddle.net/ittvn/h145xey9/19/ Thank you very much. P/s: I see link example http://jsfiddle.net/ERZVC/2/ to make a reference (in this link, it up and preview a lot of image)
  4. Hello every one, I want to select a image and preview an image before I click button Upload, I can do it and it done but I want to have a event cancle select this file by click on <a></a> or click on button, it may be look like post status with attach image in facebook, so I don't known how to make it, I will try use button reset but it don't accordance with required. I hope to recieve some advice or guide to make it, thank for read. <html><head><title>Untitled Document</title></head><body><label for="avatar">Select Image:</label><
  5. Thank for advice but I thnk We should read in http://jqueryui.com/autocomplete
  6. I want to make a Auto Complete Text Input like a list, it similar or the same as form post status of facebook in below picture, I known it can make by ajax and jQurey, so who know link demo, link guide, or example to make it, may be share for me to make reference, thank for help. Here is example picture
  7. I have found a link http://phppot.com/jquery/ajax-add-edit-delete-records-in-database-using-php-and-jquery/ that maybe is what I want
  8. Thank for advice but it is not seem to what I need, the picture is is s form of comment system in a article
  9. Hello everyone, I have a comment system using PHP and ajax, but it only have and function add, now I want to have a function edit comment and delete comment, so I need some example link guide to make reference, who known please share, thank for read.Here is example picture.
  10. Yeah, I have solve it, beacause I wrong longigtude and latitude, thank you for read, good bye
  11. Who known, Please see and give me some advice
  12. Hello all, I'm code php concern with google map api, run it don't alert error, still marker and display infowindows but map don't display, I need hear some advice or guide to solve it problem. thank for helpP/s: Sorry that my ability of English is not good
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