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  1. cause i have to use vimeo video. my main purpose is to show video. but when video is ended,a black screen appearing and it looks not good for some people. that's why i want to put image at the end of video.
  2. is there any other way to do this? maybe i can count seconds of video and append image after that seconds. can i do it like this?
  3. i tried to control the video is ended and show image at the end of video but it did not work. besides dont mad on me please:) for a big probability i used wrong code at the wrong place.i'm always doing this:)
  4. but apple did this. i just want to show the image,that i putted before the video is also should be seen after the video ended.i mean when video is stopped,iframe should be hidden and img should be visible.
  5. hi, <div id="videoContent" style="display:none"></div> <img src="imajlar/PlayerPlay.png" id="playerPic" style="margin-top:52px; margin-left:322px;"/> my structure is like above.my jquery is: $("#playerPic").on("click",function(){$("#videoContent").append('<iframe width="900" height="350" id="vimeo" src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/41763950?api=1&player_id=player&force_embed=1&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=1&color=00adef&fullscreen=1&autoplay=1&loop=0" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>');$("#playerPic").hide();$("iframe#vimeo").remove();$("#playerPic").show(); }); i'm trying to do that when video is stopped or paused,the image that i identified before will take place above the video.actually when video is stopped or paused,iframe should be hidden and image should be seen.how can i do this?
  6. go back icon should be seen at the right bottom corner of sliden panel.when you click at the map button,it's opacity will became .you should see that icon.its color is grey so maybe you cannot see because of that.
  7. i mean that the icon that i draw a blue circle on it in the picture.that circle doesn't exist on web page.i just take a screenshot the page and specify with the blue circle that i wanted. i solved a big part of my question.just some other problem appeared.first i put my code because i will not explain my problem. $(function() { child_frame = window.frames['iletisimSayfasi'].document; $('div #maps a',child_frame).live({ click:function(){ $("#goBack").css('visibility','visible').stop().animate({opacity:1},2000,"swing"); } }); $("#goBack a").live({ click:function(){ $("#goBack").css('visibility','hidden').stop().animate({opacity:0},2000,"swing"); } }); }); in here,i reach from my index page to iframe.i wrote a css and animate method to my iframe element's click event.when user click that button,an image appearing to my index page. when user clicks that image on the index page,the iframe that having another page is loading at its first loaded situation. my problem is when i click at the second time to this buttons,same issues are not happening again.i used toggle method but it did not solve my problem. that's my new problem.is there any other solution for this?
  8. you mean this: $(function() { var offset,center,width,newCenter=3; $mainNav1 = $("#point"); $mainNav1.append("<li id='red'></li>"); var $redPoint = $("#red"); $redPoint .width($redPoint.width()) .height($redPoint.height()) $("#menuButtons .menuItem a").live({ click:function() { $(window).resize(function(){ offset=$(this).offset(); width=$(this).width(); center=(offset.left+width/2)-newCenter; $redPoint.stop().animate({left:center}); window.setTimeout('location.reload()'); }); } }); }); or this: $(function() { var offset,center,width,newCenter=3; $mainNav1 = $("#point"); $mainNav1.append("<li id='red'></li>"); var $redPoint = $("#red"); $redPoint .width($redPoint.width()) .height($redPoint.height()) $(window).resize(function(){ $("#menuButtons .menuItem a").live({ click:function() { offset=$(this).offset(); width=$(this).width(); center=(offset.left+width/2)-newCenter; $redPoint.stop().animate({left:center}); } }); window.setTimeout('location.reload()'); });}); i try either way but it didn't work.i put location to my path of jquery code but it didn't work too. i search on the internet and some examples uses function for it.do i have to use function for it?
  9. hi,i have a web page like in the figure.it is a page inside another page.when user clicks the blue circled button,google map is appearing.when user clicks this button an icon have id of goBack became visible on the right corner of sliden panel.when the user clicks goBack button,the page comes to its first position,where blur panel on it.i try some codes but it is not doing that i wanted.here is my website http://www.terranartworks.com/testsite/tsv1/index.html
  10. i don't want reload page.i just want to slide right or left the redpoint as the browser width change. for example the page loaded and then i click first button on bottom of page. the red point will comes to the middle of that button. then i reduce the width of browser. the red point stays the first position. but the button is repositioned. so if the red point stays on first location that it placed,this means that it is not staying on the middle of button. like http://www.terranartworks.com/testsite/tsv1/islerimiz.html as you see,i changed browser size and red point stays at the right of second button.i don't want to see this attitude.i want to reposition red point at the middle of second button again.
  11. hi,i have a website like:http://www.terranartworks.com/testsite/tsv1/i want to do that repositioning red point,when browser size has changed.i mean that think about you clicked one of 3 buttons on bottom.red point comes sliding and position at the middle of button.then you reduce the width of browser.the red point is stays at the first position.but it should reposition according to reduced amount.how can i do this with jquery?
  12. hi,i have a website:http://www.terranartworks.com/testsite/tsv1/the script that named (magicline)example is not working except ff.i tested this site latest versions of chrome,opera,ff,safari and ie of version 8 to 10.
  13. yeap.it worked:)thank you for your help:)
  14. i want to see when i hover on the grey button on the bottom,the little pictures should appears upper side of releated button. i can reach most of my wishes but when i hover the first button,the last button's image appearing. how can i fix this?
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