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  1. @justsomeguy - now i understand! thanks alot. always a big help on the forum.EDIT - it worked! i just had to change up everything to have ../contact [etc]thanks very much!
  2. well im a noob when it comes to apache and stuff. so how would i go about using that rewrite rule ??
  3. I know there is a way of doing this. Most sites that you navigate to everyday, have this done to there URL's.My site now is "http://zakkforchilli.com/contact.html"what i want is "http://zakkforchilli.com/contact/"thats what i want to show up in the address bar. anyone know how exactly i would go about this ??thanks.[examples]http://pownce.com/zakkforchilli/ ISNT http://pownce.com/zakkforchilli.htmlhttp://myspace.com/username/ ISNT http://myspace.com/username.html
  4. oh yeah i did that.and..the images just didnt have full path.and it was just style.css instead off style/style.cssnow it works, thanks alot.
  5. no, what am i supposed to change?
  6. well i took it and just pasted it, and the html wont link up to the stylesheet even after i changed the "style3" back to "style".
  7. alright thanks alot man!what exactly did you have to do to get that to work ?
  8. no not at all. feel free to do anything except change the design.
  9. alright thanks alot ! take your time seeing as you dont HAVE to do it.
  10. its entirely up to you.that would be awesome. but you dont have toi could send you the files or something. if that would be easier
  11. ha. that worked for Safari only. safari was fine in the first place, but it made them like right next to eachother. Didnt do anything for the firefox problem.thanks for the help anyway Viper
  12. that just uncentered the page, the nav is still off the content, and if you scroll down, you can see that some things down the page a bit arent lined up also.
  13. that didnt work.yeah the thing that is wrong is that there is a big space between each image.i have NO set padding or anything. so i dont know why its doing that in firefox.
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