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  1. So if I understand correctly, you want the light gray to stretch all the way across as long as the page. What you could do is throw a div in there with absolute positioning (assuming you know the exact distance from the top and its height) and set it to 100% width.
  2. Post what you have and what the problem is. Just saying you have a problem will make it really hard for us to do anything.
  3. Like many other of you out there, I downloaded Safari as soon as I could so I could test how my website looks on it. I was prepared for alignment or something to be messed up but what I found was that I couldn't open any files from my desktop. Frustrated, I closed it and didn't touch it again until I got the update today. First thing I did was try to open my website again and this time it worked. Only problem is, it seems the code "text-decoration:none" does not work in Safari. This is a problem because I use it in my sites banner in lieu of a picture. Unfortunately, because of this, the
  4. thesi

    im having truble

    One other thing is spelling things correctly will help people understand what it is you are talking about.
  5. It isn't supported by validators but you can use the <nobr></nobr> tags. Basically makes it so it will not break between those tags and instead will give you a horizontal scroll bar.
  6. If you know how tall the picture is, you can always set the div using min-height. That way if you haven't filled the page, you still have the div filling the whole space. Explanation at http://www.w3schools.com/css/pr_dim_min-height.asp.
  7. thesi

    Links in CSS

    Thanks for the quick answer. I thought that it was only for styling but hoped otherwise. Oh well, a change easily made.
  8. thesi

    Links in CSS

    Looking through my site, I have several <div> where they are using the same class and have a link to the same web page. Would it be possible to include a link to this page into the css somehow or would I have to do it in the html?
  9. Trying it out but I wanted to know if there was some way to change the size of the font as well on resizing. I want the site to have a nice sized banner no matter the size of the browser, but if needed I can always resort to a fixed size font and just hope the banner doesn't look too long on the sides or too small.
  10. Thats actually a really good idea. I noticed it was getting a little distorted but I couldn't figure out how to get it done any better. Gotta try that out. Thanks!
  11. I am currently working on re-making my companies website. The original version was set up using very little consideration for different sized browsers so anyone viewing at a higher resolution ended up getting a lot of dead space. I decided to start from scratch and make all the sizes based on percentages instead of fixed pixel sizes. So far it has been working great in Internet Explorer but in Firefox, the top banner is not resizing when the window is resized. I wanted to know if there is some way to fix this in css or html. Thanks in advance for any help. Below is the site, banner and c
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