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  1. For a first layout Id rip it apart since im primarily a Graphic Web designer and not a coder......I wont even Do that to you though since it IS your first layout and My First layout wasnt a whole lot better either....
  2. Hey,So...im trying to Have Music on my website (which i already know the basic html code for)What i dont know is this...With the basic Code it Just brings up an Ugly greyish Interface or no interface at all...Theirs lots of music and professional sites with sorta "mini controlls" That are Very sleek and Simple with simply a play and pause Symbol and Perhaps the track name....Am i being clear on that? So how can I do that? Is that something with coding? Basic Html/Css Whatever? Basicly i Want a code SIMILAR to this one: <embed src="yourmusic.mid" width="140" height="40" autostart="false" loop="FALSE"> </embed> But i want to Have a CUSTOM Controll pannel Instead of that one......Can someone helP? Thank you!
  3. That Helps out! Btw....On the first question of the alert box with double end quotes You answered:That does not cause error because " are escaped with a \ which tells the interpreter to print a " and that is not the end of a stringJust like the \t and \n And i still dont quite understand...What exactly Does "escaped" mean? Whats the interpeter? is that the browser? Why couldnt you just Use Single AND double Quotes like this to make the code work like other times and Just Get rid of those backslashes? Im still a very beginning so i dont understand Even Basic Termonology. alert('He said "JavaScript's the best!"'); Also Whats the point of making a dead link? Why couldnt you just Not make a link to begin with? Is their some sort of advanced function To go with this somehow Or Some advantage? Of course this Does take you To a Page with a red background color but if your being practicle Then If a link went dead wouldnt u just fix it? Whats the point? Im talking about the following code example: <A HREF="java script:void(0)"onmouseover="document.bgColor='#EEEEEE'">Dead link</A>
  4. Hey everyone,Im totally new to learning Javascript and have been learning it from here as well as webdevelopersnotes.com also and i have a few questions as im learning...Id greatly appreciate if someone could explain them in a very basic manner so that i could understand them!===============alert("He said \"JavaScript's the best!\"");Why Does the Above code not cause a Javascript Error Due to conflicting "" Marks at the end of the code? Im sure those backslashes have something to do with it and im aware of the special functions you can use with backslashes such as \t or \n but What Does a blank backslash due to make this code work?==================<script LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" TYPE="TEXT/JAVASCRIPT">Is this the ONLY Javascript Beginning code that is EVER used? I know that the script language is Always gonna be javascript but What about the type? Are there other types aside from "text/javascript"? ==================<script LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" TYPE="TEXT/JAVASCRIPT">document.write("I love JavaScript");Okay,So i know this is a VERY basic line of code that simply writes "i love javascript" into the window (without the quotes of course!) but Is this Code Ever USED? or is it to show an extremely basic function of javascript instead? How practicle IS Using code like this when you could instead just type I love javascript without the code and be done with it? ===================<A HREF="somelink.html" onmouseover="document.bgColor='#FF0000';window.status='Dangerous color'" onmouseout="document.bgColor='#FFFFEE'">Link</A>Okay,So the following code is supposed to display a new Background Color with mouseover with a different bg color on mouse out...When i tried it in Firefox this wasnt the case and the bg color didnt change...Is this code wrong? i didnt do it myself so i dont think so....Or am i missing something? Also where exactly is the "window status" bar on a browser? Is that the part at the bottom left corner that will display a new url With mouseover?===================Thats all i have for now,Im sure i'll come up with more soon! Thanks in advance for someones help!
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