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  1. <html><head><script type="text/javascript" type = "text/JavaScript"><!--function doTable(){var i, j;document.write("<table border = '2'>") document.write("<tr>") document.write("<th bgcolor='#FFFF99'>") document.write("Select 20 Numbers") document.write("</th>") document.write("<th bgcolor='#FFFF99'>") document.write("Selected Numbers") document.write("</th>") document.write("</tr>") document.write("<tr bgcolor='#ccd4ee'>") document.write("<td>") document.write("<table border = '1' cellpadding = '5'>") for(i = 0; i < 9; i++) { document.write("<tr>") for(j = 0; j < 8; j++) { document.write("<td><b>") document.write(j,i+1) document.write("</b></td>") } document.write("</tr>") } document.write("<tr>") for(i = 0; i < 8; i++) { document.write("<td><b>") document.write(i+1,0) document.write("</b></td>") } document.write("</tr>") document.write("</table>") document.write("</td>") document.write("<td>") document.write("<textarea rows = '15'></textarea>") document.write("</td>") document.write("</tr>")document.write("</table>")}--></script></head><body><script type="text/javascript" type = "text/JavaScript"><!--doTable()--></script></body></html> The above code creates a table with 80 numbers and a text box.I need help with the following...1. On mouse over the font colour should change to say Blue.2. On clicking a number the back ground colour should change and the number be selected into the text box (Toggle back ground colour).3. On clicking the same number the back ground colour should change to the original and the number be deselected.4. Maximum of 20 numbers be selected.I am totally new to programming.Thank youCheersRaghu PrabhuCheersRaghu
  2. Hi,I have this navigating table at the bottom of the main table on the web page. What is the syntex for replacing the hyperlink with buttons? I am using asp with vbscript. <table border="0" width="15%" align="center"> <tr> <td width="25%" align="center"> <% If MM_offset <> 0 Then %> <a href="<%=MM_moveFirst%>">First</a> <% End If ' end MM_offset <> 0 %> </td> <td width="25%" align="center"> <% If MM_offset <> 0 Then %> <a href="<%=MM_movePrev%>">Previous</a> <% End If ' end MM_offset <> 0 %> </td> <td width="25%" align="center"> <% If Not MM_atTotal Then %> <a href="<%=MM_moveNext%>">Next</a> <% End If ' end Not MM_atTotal %> </td> <td width="25%" align="center"> <% If Not MM_atTotal Then %> <a href="<%=MM_moveLast%>">Last</a> <% End If ' end Not MM_atTotal %> </td> </tr></table> I tried this <form><table border="0" width="15%" align="center"> <tr> <td width="25%" align="center"> <% If MM_offset <> 0 Then %> <input name="First" type="button" onClick="<%=MM_MoveFirst%>" value="First" /> <% End If ' end MM_offset <> 0 %> </td> <td width="25%" align="center"> <% If MM_offset <> 0 Then %> <input name="Previous" type="button" onClick="<%=MM_MovePrevious%>" value="Previous" /> <% End If ' end MM_offset <> 0 %> </td> <td width="25%" align="center"> <% If Not MM_atTotal Then %> <input name="Next" type="button" onClick="<%=MM_MoveNext%>" value="Next" /> <% End If ' end Not MM_atTotal %> </td> <td width="25%" align="center"> <% If Not MM_atTotal Then %> <input name="Last" type="button" onClick="<%=MM_MoveLast%>" value="Last" /> <% End If ' end Not MM_atTotal %> </td> </tr></table></form> what have I done wrong? I want to replace the following hyperlink with a button too. <a href="<%=(rsDefault.Fields.Item("MaxOfeditPageLink").Value)%>?id=<%=(rsDefault.Fields.Item("MaxOfanID").Value)%>" class="rating style5">Modify</a> ThanksCheersRaghu
  3. Thanks a lot for the tip. I used the following. It is working fine now!cheersRaghu<Select Name="statusOfJob" id = "statusOfJob"><%While Not cmdPopulateStatus.EOF%><option value="<%= cmdPopulateStatus("STATUS") %>" <%If rsCheckLists.Fields.Item("statusOfJob") = cmdPopulateStatus("STATUS") Then Response.Write("selected=""selected""") : Response.Write("")%>><%= cmdPopulateStatus("DESCRIPTION") %></option><%cmdPopulateStatus.MoveNextWendcmdPopulateStatus.CloseSet cmdPopulateStatus = NothingDataConn.CloseSet DataConn = Nothing%></Select>
  4. It is not in the database two times. cheersraghu
  5. I have changed the code above. The out put is as followsIN PROGRESS <<APPROVEDARCHIVEDCOMPLETEDIN PROGRESS <<PUBLISHEDREJECTEDThe above code is giving me the dropdown list as shown "IN PROGRESS" is visible two times! How do I fix this?CheersRaghu
  6. I have changed to the followingrsStatus.Source = "SELECT STATUS, DESCRIPTION FROM ddlStatus ORDER BY STATUS ASC" still not working.cheersraghu
  7. How do I populate a drop down list?I have a table named tblChecklist in my database. One of the fields is named txtStatusOfJob and has a dropdown list. This list is populated by another table called tblDDLStatus. The field name in this table is txtStatus.I am using asp with vbscript. I tried using the following code in an edit record page. It is not working. The pages is not loading. Any help would be appreciated.Cheers Raghu <%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%><%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%><!--#include file="Connections/cnDbase2.asp" --><%Dim rsCheckListsSet rsCheckLists = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")rsCheckLists.ActiveConnection = MM_cnDbase_STRINGrsCheckLists.Source = "SELECT * FROM ChecklistaipabChad WHERE anID=" & Request.QueryString("id")rsCheckLists.CursorType = 0rsCheckLists.CursorLocation = 2rsCheckLists.LockType = 1rsCheckLists.Open()%><% Dim DataConnDim cmdPopulateStatusDim SQL Set DataConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")Set cmdPopulateStatus = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")DataConn.Open "dsn=webdbase"SQL = "SELECT STATUS, DESCRIPTION FROM ddlStatus ORDER BY STATUS ASC"cmdPopulateStatus.Open SQL, DataConn%><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"><html><body><form><Select Name="statusOfJob" id = "statusOfJob"><option value="" selected="<%=(rsCheckLists.Fields.Item("statusOfJob").Value)%>"><%=(rsCheckLists.Fields.Item("statusOfJob").Value)%></option> <%While Not cmdPopulateStatus.EOF%><option value="<%= cmdPopulateStatus("STATUS") %>"><%= cmdPopulateStatus("DESCRIPTION") %></option><%cmdPopulateStatus.MoveNextWendcmdPopulateStatus.CloseSet cmdPopulateStatus = NothingDataConn.CloseSet DataConn = Nothing%></Select></form></body></html>[code]
  8. <input name="RecievedNotification" type="checkbox" id="RecievedNotification" <%If rsCheckLists.Fields.Item("RecievedNotification") = True Then Response.Write("checked=""checked""") : Response.Write("")%> /> works better. Thanks for the tip. I experimented.CheersRaghu
  9. Hi,I am trying to create an update pages in asp using vbscript. <%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%>The update page has checkboxes. How do I make the check in the checkbox visible. I am using the following code.<input name="RecievedNotification" type="checkbox" id="RecievedNotification" value = "<%If RecievedNotification = "-1" Then Response.Write("checked=""checked""") : Response.Write("")%>" />Is this correct? If it is why is the check not visible? If not correct please help.CheersRaghu
  10. raghup

    New to ASP

    Does not update. I get this message "You do not have permission to update this database!"In the database I have set Required to "NO" and Allow zero length to "YES"So if this field is blank it shouldn't matter. But the record is not updating.cheersRaghu
  11. raghup

    New to ASP

    thank you very much.I have a lot to learn.If a field is blank, the form does not want to update. How do I get around it?cheersRaghu
  12. thanks found similar one at javascript.internet.com/forms/multi-date-picker.htmli will see if i can use the replace the code to generate the calendar with the code to generate the grid and see if it works.will post the results.cheersraghu
  13. raghup

    New to ASP

    thanks works partly now.when i try to add it is adding as follows80 + 2 = 802 and not 82and when i try to subtract it doing as follows80-2 = 802 and not 78what could be wrong?cheersRaghu
  14. raghup

    New to ASP

    Tried this and is giving the same error message.if(addTo > 0 && subtractFrom > 0) then Response.Write("You can not input in both the text boxes at the same time") else if (addTo > 0) then QTY = QTY + addTo else if (subtractFrom > 0) QTY = QTY - subtractFrom end ifCheersRaghu
  15. raghup

    New to ASP

    The page cannot be displayed There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please try the following:Click Search to look for information on the Internet. You can also see a list of related sites. HTTP 500 - Internal server error Internet Explorer
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