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  1. This is much help thank you. I would seem that there isn't really a way round it and i will have to find a new way to have a reply footer probably just put it in manually!
  2. I'm not the greatest at doing HTML codes but have learnt a lot since starting. This leads me on to the problem I'm having. At work we use HTML templates to make up our header and footer and recently I was asked to sort something out so when stuff reply or forward email there's a footer. I thought this was easy enough and adapted the HTML files we already have and used them as a template, all looked good and the job was finished. Now after they've been used a few times it seems that from time to time the reply templet will ignore its setting and go off the original email meaning fonts will change, the size of the writing changes, colours and so on. What I'm hoping someone can help me with is ever advising a way to get the footer to follow its owe setting instead of the original email or to tell me this can't be done. Any help is greatly appreciated and sorry if I didn't use the right terms anywhere. Jordan
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