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  1. alex

    dreamweaver help

    no thats not what i meant i didn't understand what you said
  2. alex

    dreamweaver help

    i don't get it
  3. alex

    dreamweaver help

    I made a web design in photoshop and saved it as optimized and opened it in dreamweaver as a html file I did everything right but they arn't sliced background images they are just sliced normal images. how do I make them all set as a sliced background image?
  4. ok what i need to clearify about now is what do i do with html file.... and what "files" are you talking about... folders containing the people themselfs? or what
  5. i tried code but dowsnt work.... lol downts even show up
  6. arg most make thier own.. but i know nothing about php
  7. now since i found scroll code i need sign-up and login form for website and looking at member only areas any help? plus i need a "save me" or "log me in every time" thing. the ones i tried getting from google stink big time any help?and a e-mail validation code.... sorry but luckly this one is optional
  8. lol play runescape eh?add alex2974 my list is always on
  9. im trying to look for something so that i can put a SCROLLBAR into a screen. i ant find anything and do not suggest google heres my example,http://www.clan-adelais.com/as you can see they have to screens that have scrollbars.... and try to ignore the "aids song"
  10. alex

    two questions

    hmm thats one question awnswerd
  11. alex

    two questions

    1.I want to make a signup sheet on my website and when you push submit it would send it to my e-mail were can i find one?2.how do i place an image via backround
  12. alex

    im having truble

    still nothing
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