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  1. Sorry I'm not really a javascript guy. In fact this is the first cookie I've ever attempted to write. I don't appear to be wrapping my head around this. Isn't that an onclick event I have defined? <a href="after-disclaimer-page.com" onClick="SetCookie('HasVisited')">I AGREE</a> Are you saying I should use something like this? <span="after-disclaimer-page.com" onClick="SetCookie('HasVisited')">I AGREE</span> I know that isn't correct, but I don't quite understand how I format a span to react link an href.
  2. How do I write a span that reacts like a link? I understand what you're saying, but don't quite know how to do this? Do I have to define a class or id in css?
  3. Hi everyone. I'm trying to write a cookie for a site I'm working on the displays a page until it triggers an onclick event. I have a section of the site that pulls up a disclaimer page with 2 options one that says I disagree and shoots you to the home page and one that triggers the cookie which if it's started in your browser will redirect you to the section you need to agree to in order to see. I've been able to get it to work upon visit, but I'm not having any luck with the on click event. I've been tweaking the script I found here --> http://www.javascrip...redirect-2.html I feel like I'
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