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  1. Hello Everyone,I need help one this of how how to combine the Response.Direct from FORM1 and FROM2 to FORM3 in saving session state.For example: FORM1 send to FORM2 with the informations link transid ID, username, password etc and on FORM2 to FORM3, it shoulds carry information from FORM1 plus FORM2 to FORM3, it shows on the URL link that it carries over to the next form but not to third form, I want to gets all the information from FORM1 and along with information from FORM2 to FORM3, BUT it losts the saving state, I can get the information form FORM2 on FORM3 but can't get userID , username, password, requestortype, requestorname from FORM1, So is there a way to get it directly from FORM1 on FORM3. Below is my two called from FORM1 to FORM2 to FORM3, SEE the URL link, It losts information from FORM1 in 2nd URL link on the 3rd formResponse.Redirect(("regionbank.aspx")+ "?transid=" + Session["userid"] + "&username=" + Session["user"] + "&password=" + Session["password"]+ "&requesttype=" + "&requestorname=" + iptName.Value + "&email=" + iptEmail.Value);http://localhost/webmap/regionbank.aspx?tr...l=kevin@123.comFORM2.aspx , I want to carry address information on the form along with information from FORM1 to FORM3, but it shows in the URL link the information from FORM1 get lost from the saving Session state, Can someone show me how to combine 2 information from FORM1 and plus information on FORM2 to FORM3, I'm stuck with this, and can't get the email and requestor name from the FORM1 on FORM3. I really needs help on this ....Response.Redirect(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings.Get("MapInforWebPath") + "?transid=" + Session["userid"] + "&username=" + Session["user"] + "&password=" + Session["password"] + "&requesttype=" + "&requestorname=" + Session["requestorname"] + "&email=" + Session["email"] + "&streetnumber=" + TextBoxSiteAddNum.Text + "&streetname=" + TextBoxSiteAddStreetName.Text + "&streettype=" + TextBoxSiteAddName2.Text + "&city=" + TextBoxSiteAddCity.Text + "&state=" + TextBoxSiteAddSt.Text + "&zip=" + TextBoxSiteAddZip.Text);http://localhost:8080/firstsearch/FirstSea...amp;city=NORWOO
  2. Thanks Jesh and aspnetguy for trying to help me out, really appreciated!I'm very new to ASP.NET and trying to modify a web form for a company, In the old webform, after the requestor hits the next button, it directed to the pageServlet to populated the form and the map, My new project is adding another webform in after the requestor.aspx page and directed from the new webform to the PapeServlet and allow ASP page to pre-populate information like name, address, city,state,zip in the PageServlet form. I'm trying to connect to the pageServlet.Java, but unsuccessful, page could not located ..The one we runs on right now is not local servlet, but on the dormain host server, take a look at this link http://www.fsappserv2.com:8080/newwebmap/F...l=123@yahoo.com I'm try to test and see if it connects to the pageServlet on the localhost, but unsucessessfull connected, because it could not located the pageSo is there a way to populated a ASP.NET form to the PageServlet ?protected void btnNext_ServerClick(object sender, System.EventArgs e){(Page.IsValid){InsertRequestorInfor(Session["user"].ToString() );Response.Redirect(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings.Get("MapInforWebPath") + "?transid=" + Session ["userid"] + "&username=" + Session["user"] + "&password=" + Session["password"]+ "&requesttype=" + "&requestorname=" + iptName.Value + "&email=" + iptEmail.Value);//Configured In Web.Config // <add key="MapInforWebPath" value="http://localhost:8080/NewWebMap07/pageServlet"/>}}
  3. Thanks aspnetguy for replying, if the .NET CLR can't interpret Java or Read JAR files, Can you convert it into a c# or it has to be in Java, and Is there another way to get connected to the pageServlet Java files using the localhost url because I try sample one in the link you give it to me, still not passing any requests and responses from the pageServlet, and in the pageServlet, I want to grab user address input and populate it to the Addressform, Below is my next called to the pageServlet and it is could not located the page, I'm still confusing of where the pageServlet and all others files resided in the project and also how to call those files..Can you give me a hint or some code connection, thanks in advanceprotected void btnNext_ServerClick(object sender, System.EventArgs e){ (Page.IsValid) { InsertRequestorInfor(Session["user"].ToString() ); Response.Redirect(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings.Get("MapInforWebPath") + "?transid=" + Session ["userid"] + "&username=" + Session["user"] + "&password=" + Session["password"]+ "&requesttype=" + "&requestorname=" + iptName.Value + "&email=" + iptEmail.Value); //<add key="MapInforWebPath" value="http://localhost:8080/NewWebMap07/pageServlet"/> } }
  4. Thanks Jesh for replying, I'm trying to set enable and disable the checkbox, I have 4 checkboxes for 2 questions yes and no, the question 1 can only check either yes or no, not both checked at the same time, and also the same for the question #2, about the "i", it sets it as a variable, so do you have any suggestion of how to implement it, and some code examples, thanks...And the about the checkbox id, it is Id="ptChkQues" not "IptChkQues..". thanks for catching :-)
  5. Hello everyone,I'm new and seeking help in the ASP.NET in C#, I have a webform application and when a user click a button on the application's page, the information that the user entered on the page is sent to the Servlet, I have a pageServlet files in Java and along with other files related to pageServlet. I put all the pageServlet files in the Apppath folder in the project and in the next button on the form application called Response.Redirect("http://localhost:4943/newwebmap07/AppPath/pageServlet");It could not locate or transfer to the pageServlet when click the next button on the webform, Can someone show me how to config this, where to put those files and call it, I'm using the Microsoft Visual Studio 05 for ASP.NET web application, thanks so much :-)
  6. Can someone help me with this, thanks
  7. The second question has been solved, and now I have a problem with the enable and disable checkboxes, maybe someone can guide me to the right direction, thanks in advance :-)I have 4 webform checkboxes for 2 questions and I want it to select in one of those checkbox not both for each questions. I try this, but it's not working, can someone give me a better way to enable and disable in one of the checkbox, thankyouif (i==0) {window.document.getElementById("IptChkQues1A").checked = true;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues1B").checked = false;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues2A").checked = false;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues2B").checked = false;}else if (i ==1){window.document.getElementById("IptChkQues1A").checked = false;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues1B").checked = true;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues2A").checked = false;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues2B").checked = false;}else if (i ==2){window.document.getElementById("IptChkQues1A").checked = false;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues1B").checked = false;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues2A").checked = true;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues2B").checked = false;}else if (i ==3){window.document.getElementById("IptChkQues1A").checked = false;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues1B").checked = false;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues2A").checked = false;window.document.getElementById("ptChkQues2B").checked = true;}}
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