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  1. It says in the W3S Hosting tutorial "If you plan to use FrontPage, you should look for a Windows hosting solution (meaning not Unix / Linux)."What about the new prog from Microsoft which is overtaking Front page? Does the same apply?
  2. ...... or you can also buy your own domain (maybe enilette.com is available) for about $5/year and use an email address of your own, that way when you switch ISPs your email address stays the same because you own the domain. Hi JSGI keep coming back to your answer and trying to digest a bit more of what you are telling meThe above is very interesting. It's all beginning to dawn on me now. You explain it very well (like explaining to a 5 yr old which is exactly how I wanted it). I've bought my own domain for one year. But I ignored the suggestion for email services becasue I was stupid. I'll have to go back into it and change it. I'm also in the process of buying Microsoft WEb Expression to help me to build a website. Then my next step will be to find a host? Would I be able to ask AOL, my ISP to host it? I've been with AOL for many years and only pay £10 per month for unlimited broadband use so I don't think I will be able to find another ISP who could give me as good a deal as that. Sorry to keep mithering you but you DO seem to know what you are talking about! and you have helped me very much in my basic understanding so far!
  3. I've done a little bit more research since I last posted and it seems that Microsoft Web Expression has superceded Front Page. Apparently it's more like Dream... in that it embraces standards. And it has the dual window. I've ordered it anyway - Well I've bid for it on an auction site. It's very expensive! Thanks for your replies
  4. I want to build a website for my handmade card business. I've read through the HTML tutorial and I've learned enough to know that I don't know enough! I get the general idea though. What do you experts think of Microsoft Front Page as an alternative. Does it tick all the W3C boxes for standardization?
  5. Thanks for that. I'm very new to all this HTML stuff and don't really know what I'm doing. I've been thinking about changing from AOL for some time now. There are a couple of websites I need to access which will not allow access via AOL. And you are the third person to recomendation I change! But AOL is my server. If I download Firefox as you suggest, AOL will still be acting as my server. YES? So won't there be some incompatibility between Firefox and AOL? Forgive me. I don't even know enough to know what questions to ask
  6. I am following the HTML tutorial but have become stuck. It says to find VIEW in my web browser so that I can view the source code of a web page. I cannot find VIEW on the browser toolbar. I use AOL
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