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  1. You Can use FSO!! Exp:dim Fso,TxtFileSet Fso=Server.Createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")Set TxtFile=Fso.OpenTxtFile(ServerMapPath("SomeTxtFile.txt"),2,true) ' SomeTxtFile.txt Means: The txt file Path Which you want to write.' 2 Means: open txt file by write only' true means: if the txt file is not exists then create itTxtFile.WriteLine (Request.Form("FormData"))TxtFile.CloseSet TxtFile=NothingSet Fso=Nothing
  2. You can do like this:<script language="VBscript">dim StrStr="..." 'The String Which you want to replacereplace(Str,CHR(34)," ")</script>May be It can help you a little. I come from China,I'am not good at English,but I want to help you.
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