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  1. Thanks for your help all. I'm constructing one now.Those are great tutorials, Ricardo Zea. I'll give those a look see.
  2. Hey guys I'm trying to figure a way to create a dropdrown menu Navbar with CSS.I'm trying to make it look something like this:Home About ▼ (and have it drop down with two or three submenus) Contact, etc.Thank you very much for your help. I truly appreciate it.
  3. Wow, thank you very very much.This is truly appreciated.
  4. I'm trying to create a Web page using divisions.What I'm trying to do is put two images side by side with captions underneath. I'll try to demonstrate this.----------------------------------- Header ---------------------------Image of something | Image of something Caption of image | Caption of image Image of something | Image of something Caption of image | Image of something----------------------------------- Footer -----------------------------How could I use a division to seperate the two columns of images? I apologize if this makes no sense, but thank you for your help.
  5. Thank you justsomeguy!Turns out I had the <body background> tag in one place, and the CSS code in another. Both hosting the same image, I guess those two conflicted and screwed everything up. I kept the CSS, and got rid of the <body background> tag, and it works.Thanks again.-Matt
  6. I was using Microsoft Digital Image 2006 to save the image. I did save the file as a .jpeg.
  7. Sorry about that. I was unclear about myself.I took an image off the Web. Saved it, edited it, and put text onto the image with a downloaded font. The font was something like Army Hollow Expanded or something, and when I put that text in that font into the image and upload it, the text in the image doesn't display.However when I use a different stock font, the text does display in the image.
  8. I had saved the image with a downloaded font, and when I uploaded it to my directory and displayed it with the CSS the browser did not show the image. When I got rid of the CSS and used HTML to position the image, then the text in the image was shown.Is there an HTML code that can fix an image to the center, and make it so it doesn't repeat?
  9. Here's the code: <style type="text/css">body {background-color:; background-image:url('/images/bg.jpg'); background-position:center center; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-attachment:fixed;}</style>
  10. I'm trying to create a background for a Website using CSS to position it. I used a downloaded font to put onto the image, and when I use CSS the image is displayed, but not the text I put in the image. I played around with the CSS but no matter what I did the font inside of the image would just not display. I have to totally ditch the CSS and use HTML to position the picture, and only then will it display the font.Are fonts unallowed in images in CSS, or is there something I need to do?
  11. When I logged onto the main page my anti-virus detected a Trojan Downloader. From the IP
  12. Matt5581

    Adobe Flash CS3

    Wow, I definitely feel stupid. I checked my programs from the Start menu and there it was Adobe CS3 Flash Professional! Justsomeguy, thank you very much for helping me point out my stupid mistake.EDITWould anyone happen to know if templates made in the trial version can be used online?
  13. Hello all. I'm Matt.I've been studying web language for almost two years now. I'm planning on persuing a career in computer programming or Web design, and thought I'd come on here to learn and seek opinions from professionals. I know HTML, CSS, some PHP and SQL.
  14. Matt5581

    Adobe Flash CS3

    Well, after I launched setup.exe I assumed it was ready to go, though I couldn't find any actual folder that will launch the program.
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