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  1. Hey Guys,Site: www.awepromotions.comNeed help on a page.Is it possible to use a Column/Table/Form to display another HTML page where the Logo currently resides.I want it to call another page that I created. I want to display the About Us and Profile page in that box without lowering the navigation on the bottom.Is that possible?Sorry but i'm pretty noobish when it comes to this.To anybody who responds thanks.NeoRussell
  2. to add to this, i got random working but I want to make the rotating pictures linkable.I'm using javascript to do this. Can I make those rotating images into a link?Is this possible?Thanks for somebody who answers.
  3. Hi,Can somebody assist a confused person?I changed the logo of a PHPBB style.Now the logo is not showing.soulcalibur.ca/filipinotekkenThe logo shows up in FF but IE just gives me an error that it cannot find the image.I put back the original image and it shows up.I put the new logo and it does not show up.Would somebody be able to help?NeoRussell
  4. Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a bind.I have a table of names i want to make links.The links are images of those peoples names.I need the links to show up on the bottom of the page rather than another page.I tried creating a form for this but don't really know much to continue.If somebody can assist that would be great.URL:www.soulcalibur.ca/test/test.htmlLet's say i want the NEORUSSELL name to point to:www.soulcalibur.ca/test/test.gifAll I need is for that to show up on the bottom box.What do I need?A textbox, and imagefield, a form?I am using Dreamweaver if that helps.Thank you,NeoRussell
  5. Hey guys i need a little help.I haven't done this in awhile.I got a website up.I got a template more like it.The template has a Login button with User and Pass text box.I want to connect that to the Forum database.So basically they login and it will show their name or something that say they are logged in.Then when they click on the FORUM link in the site, it will transpost them to the Forum already logged in via their account.Can somebody assist?I temporarily put the site I'm working on Online.www.soulcalibur.ca/soulcaliburDon't mind the messyness. The site points to wherever it needs to.Any assistance would be great.NeoRussell
  6. My website is:soulcaliburcanada.comThe issue:www.soulcaliburcanada.com/players.htmwww.soulcaliburcanada.com/players/playerlist.htmlI setup each link in players.htm to view the page on the iframe (which points to playerlist.html). I am also associating this with mapping. I mapped each link to a different section in the playerlist.html page.It worked on preview in dreamweaver but it won't work online. I double checked the coding and I can't find the error.Can anybody help a newb from getting his website information working?Thank you Russell
  7. I'm trying to setup a player section on my website. Would someone be able to help me out on this.Basically I have a list of players name and then when clicked, It will go to IFRAME on the bottom of the screen. I don't really want to create a page per player so I just decided to put them in one page. Is it possible for them to click a link on page and then show the proper information in the IFRAME content. Imagine this page (http://www.phpbb.com/support/documentation/2.0/) When clicking a link, it will go to the proper source. The problem I have is the link is external from the IFRAME content. Is there a possibility for my request? Can somebody recommend me something else if it's not possible.Can I add the link like this?<div class="header"><a href="www.mydomain.com/players.html #section1" target="iframe">Section 1: Introduction</a></div>Then I setup the link where I want it to point to like this<h1>Section 1: <a class="anchor" name="section1">Russell</a></h1>His Bio on the bottom of this pageWill this work.
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