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  1. Ok it's kinda what I was fearing... Thanks for the quick answer
  2. Hey guys! Btw, great new look Okay, I have a problem that I fear cannot be resolved.I would simply like confirmation of this. My site makes use of jQuery and the LavaLamp effet for the menu.You can check it out here. My problem is this: the portfolio section is basically a jQuery slideshow, with fading transitions and such.We're still good. The problem comes when I add an animation the the background image.The slideshow becomes choppy whenever the user moves his mouse. Am I coding in a non-efficent way?Or is this just a normal jQuery limitation? Thanks.
  3. Sorry guys, my provider just killed my website...I'll need to find a new host!Actually, I'm not using images for the hover. Just a background color. So I don't think that sprites are the way to go here.
  4. Hey guys!I haven't been HTML-ing in a while, but I'm back now.I am redoing my personal site, and I have a problem: my CSS code for the top-level menu works in all the decent browsers. This of course means that it does not work in IE.Why does a simple background-color change make my links flicker?I tested with IE7, it's all I have access to now.Try it out:www.logisoft.qc.ca/interWebCan someone shed some light on this?Thanks
  5. Courriel is email in french^^ just put any email like ffoey@crap.com and it will validate.
  6. Hey guys, I would realy appreciate a little help here !
  7. Hey all. I have a page that is heavily powered by JS.When a user fills in some info, the user can then choose one of two buttons, that each make a div appear.For some reason, these divs are aligining themselves really weirdly in Safari and Chrome. They'll work one time, then after the second time they aren't aligned anymore.However, Firefox doesn't have a problem.See the page here:http://www.zig-eyewear.com/FR/orderF.phpAnyone know why this is happening ?Thanks
  8. Hey all ! I fixed my problem ! Yes ! The problem was not with my page encoding, but rather with the php functions handling the strings. The script I used for my form mail uses the form input fields' value as the data (htmlentities). However, the default charset for htmlentities is :drumroll: iso-8859-1. Yes. So, I had to change my code like so: <input type="text" name="subject" id="subject" value="<?= htmlentities($values['subject'], ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8") ?>"/> This fixed the accents issue. However, quotes and apostrophes were now escaped for no reason ! So, i added stripslashes to complete the fix. <input type="text" name="subject" id="subject" value="<?= stripslashes(htmlentities($values['subject'], ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8")) ?>"/> Voilà ! Everything works great now.Thanks for all your help...
  9. Yep... Everything is saved as utf-8... Any more ideas ?The php processing really seems to be the problem here. But why ?
  10. That' just it ! My page is in UTF-8 ! Specified both with meta tag and with the header statement you gave. My problem does not lie with the sending of the email. It lies with the validation of form fields.If form fields are correctly filled, email is sent, accents and all, and everything is ship-shape.However, if a user forgot to fill in a field, the script detects this and shows the user what form field needs to be filled. However, the fields the user had already filled in remain populated (which is what i want), however it seems that in repopulating the fields, the char encoding is lost. Try it with this live demo, you'll see !
  11. OK, update: i changed the accept-encoding of the form tag to iso-8859-1, and that works... However, i prefer utf-8 !Anyone know why this is happening ?UPDATE2: OK, never mind... The accents survive the validation stage, but when sent to email, or passed to php as variables, i get gobbledygook.So, what's the deal with this ?
  12. Hey guys ! Got an interesting problem here. A form resides in question.php. Index.php displays top.php, question.php, and bottom.php. Top.php contains this statement: <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/> So, the form and its contents should be in UTF-8, right ? Anyway, to make sure, i added this to the form tag: accept-charset="utf-8" So, when the user clicks on submit, form is processed using question.php (yes, the same file !) and is validated to see if the user entered all of the needed data. If there are no errors, everything works great. I get the email, accents and all. But if, say, there's an empty field, the user is taken back to the form and the empty field is highlighted. Here's the problem: The form is repopulated with what the user had already put in. But if some letters typed in had accents, such as é à è ç, etc., they are scrambled on re-appearance !!! I don't know why...I created a .htaccess that says that all php files are to be read as utf-8, so that shouldn't be the problem...Help ?
  13. Hey guys, thanks for all your help !I found an even more elegant solution, using the php page the form resides on as the form processing page as well.Live demo (try submitting without filling all the fields)Thanks !
  14. No, I'm probably not, that's just it, i don't know how !The $reason variable is in the form of a unordered list, with each error consisting in one list item. I would prefer not passing this potentially large variable through the URL. Isn't there a way to state some sort of global variable, which would survive through different pages ?
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