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  1. we are using regular html but every time he used <br> he put <br /> instead and I don't think he's fixed them yet.
  2. Most of the errors are from kbyoyoa using xhtml inside of the php I don't think there are any errors on my part
  3. clbembry


    The background is extremely distracting.
  4. I think I'm going to have to re-do the design... For like the fifth time It's becoming an eye-sore to look at.
  5. What browser are you using?
  6. Ok thanks, those are all good points and I'll work on all of them.
  7. I kind of forgot about the old portfolio site I was working on, and when I look back at it, it looks terrible. I hope this one is much better. I'm still working on it, and by tomorrow it will have its own domain name: J3MSITES.com and a better host. C&C please.Click here to go to the website.EDIT: I bought a domain name and a better host.
  8. This is the start of my website portfolio.Please leave some constructive criticism!
  9. Ok I updated the header and footer. I brought them both down greatly. I knocked off 200KB from the header.
  10. clbembry

    My web site

    Well, uhh Idk what to say. It's not such a great site, even for a 13 year old. I'm 14 and can sure as heck make a better site than that.
  11. Would that "jiggle" be because of the scrollbar that gets added in due to the length of the pages?
  12. He made it with Game Maker 7.
  13. I recently finished a website that I made for my friends game.How do you guys like it?Battle city 3d Website
  14. It doesn't seem to hard to read to me. But I'll change it to a darker red maybe? Is it the red all together?Thanks for the cc.
  15. Ok I'm ungrounded now. I will change the header which will also reduce the size greatly.Thankyou everyone for the constructive critisism.
  16. clbembry


    Delete this please. I did not make this. I don't know who did...
  17. I'm trying to create a review system. What I want the user to be able to do is type up a review in a textarea and then submit it. The submitted review will appear on the same page.How would I do this?Would I submit the text to a database. Then receive the information from the database?Edit: I found out what I needed to do. I've tried using the code below to submit what the user types in to the database. Then it is pasted on the page. I can't get it to work and I don't know why.I've read all of the tutorials for php on the w3schools website, but I think I need a better explanation. The code I h
  18. clbembry


    Ok thankyou very much.
  19. clbembry

    My Site!!!

    Oh. Sorry didn't see the CSS. Maybe use the CSS to make more of a layout rather than just rows of text going down the screen. It'll put more pizaz in the site.
  20. clbembry


    I'm trying to learn PHP to help my site along it's way. I have a couple questions about MySQL's.If you could answer any of these it would be a great help!1. Does MySQL and SQL mean the same thing? If not what are the differences?2. Are they used to store users accounts (for forums)3. If they are used to store that kind of information, is 1 database equal to one user?Thank you in advance for your help.
  21. Oh ok thank you. I'll go learn PHP I guess.
  22. For my website I was thinking about letting users submit a review about one of the games/examples/tutorials. It would be really neat to be able to add this.What language should I use to program this. I was thinking JavaScript, but maybe PHP is the one to choose, seeing as it creates forums (which is similar to submitting a review right?)
  23. clbembry

    My Site!!!

    I would say learn CSS as soon as possible. It gives you a wider range of choices for website layouts, not to mention easier editing.Also figure out a color scheme that you think fits your website.
  24. Thanks for the advice.However this website is mainly about the games that we've created. But seeing as most of our visitors are going to be from our school, we might want to give are opinions on video games and other topics.
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