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  1. thnx lots!this is why w3schools pwnsppl here willing to help with working solutions =P
  2. ok here are the visual tweeks to my imagesthis is an example of my gradient in plain htmlthis is an example of my gradien after DOCTYPE tag and a refresh of the pagethis is an example of my css links in plain htmlLINK (plain link)LINK (mouse over link)this is my link after DOCTYPE and refreshLINK (solid only)
  3. Hey my page is set up in a way that i have 2 sets of links...1 wich is above a colored image and another that is above plain white background.my intention is to classify them in my css but i am unsure now how to add morre than 1 other atribute to the calls idthe main idea is to have 1 set of links 1 color and the 2nd set of links a difrent colorboth links are nested within div tags ( seprate div's ) but im am unsure how to code ithere is wat i... shamefully... put together...and ofcourse it doesnt work right lolThis is my html <div class="baselinks" style="position:absolute; top:2px; left:822px; width:166px;"> <font color="FFFFFF"> <a href="">Home</a> | <a href="">About Us</a> | <a href="">Contact</a> </font> </div> This is my css .baselinks div, a, a:link, a:active, a:visited {font-family: verdana; font-size: 8pt; color: 000080;text-decoration: none;font-weight: bold;}.baselinks div, a:hover {font-family:verdana; font-size:8pt;color:FFFFFF;}
  4. its simple and seems to serve its purpose... not sure wat it is cuz i dont know wat language that is writen in lolbut its presetation seems good for its use, information is upfront... navigation on the side... not bad =)i dont know about the coding tho... im just looking at the site it self
  5. hey my first post at w3schools!!! anywho... I recently converted my HTML to XHTML but right away i saw a few visual "errors" i call it... mostly because it does something i dont want it to!!! GRRR!!!I tryed to be as accurate as posible by making the proper changes to my code including porpper nesting, closing single tags with <codehere />, and the DOCTYPE statement. after doing this and refreshing my page the quality of my .jpg image droped ( gradiant did a crapy fade effect ) and my .css did not properly render my styles mainly on my links wich i set up with a dark blue, then on mouse over to gray... after the DOCTYPE statement it turned into true blue.. as in #0000FF BLUE BLUE!!! so i started "tripin". i removed the DOCTYPE statement but KEPT the XHTML changes i made in the code and my pages was looking like it should again....now the Q is... the result in loosing quality/style was due to my code? or something i dont know about the DOCTYPE statement...NOTE: i tryed the DOCTYPE in strict and in transitional... and had the same "errors" but when i revomed the DOCTYPE statement my page was looking how it shouldexactly how "strict" is this DOCTYPE thing? and is it absolutly nessisary to add it? can i just "clean" my code and use the new standards of XHTML with out the DOCTYPE and not have to go back when ( if ) newer browsers no longer suport bad coding?now im sure most of what i wrote here made it seem like im a crapy coder... but in my defence... im not a "leet skeet pro", but im not new to website building iether... im fairly good and clean with my HTML it self and im a user of w3schools lessons, so u know my code is good =)FYI: programs used... NOTEPAD and IE
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