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  1. Edmachine


    If you have Skype, go to Settings, Connection, and uncheck Listen to port 80 or something. I don't know about MySQL though
  2. I don't know if this is correct (what I will write)...You can't have an else statement if you don't have an if statement...// Lets snap to the end part, ok? } elseif(!$multiplayer){ //this means If the title is really empty. echo "Error:Multiplayer rating is a required field. Please fill it."; exit(); //exit the script and don't do anything else. } else {$author = mysql_query("SELECT username FROM `users` Where id="' . $_SESSION['id'] . '"'")$auth = @mysql_fetch_assoc($author)$rauthor = $auth$date = time();echo make_datestr(time());$result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO reviews (title, body, author, date_added, platform, genre, gameplay, graphics, sound, multiplayer, picture) VALUES ('$title','$body','$rauthor','$date','$platform','$genre','$gameplay','$graphics','$sound','$multiplayer','$imagename')";echo "<b>Thank you! Review added Successfully!<br>Your review will be on display after being approved by our editors.<br>You'll be redirected to Home Page after (4) Seconds"; echo "<meta http-equiv=Refresh content=4;url=index.php>";}}else{echo "No form was submitted"}?> You have if ($width > $maxWidth){ then you have many elseif and then you have the first else statement, and then at the end you have another one. You can't have an else without if.And if that wasn't correct, I don't think you can have 2 else statements like this: if ($width > $maxWidth){ echo "The width of the image can only be: ".$maxWidth."px"; }elseif ($height > $maxHeight){ echo "The height of the image can only be: ".$maxHeight."px"; /* We did a check to see if the width and height are the correct sizes. */ }elseif (!in_array($ext,$fileExt)){ echo "File extention not recognized.<br /> Allowed extentions: ".$allowedExt; /* We check if the extention of the file is in the array we made. */ }else{ if(move_uploaded_file($file_name,$up_path)){ echo "Image: '".$file_name."' has successfully beed uploaded to: '".$path."'"; /* If the file was moved to the folder, we echo the message and move the file */ }else{ echo "Error with uploading the image."; /* If the file was not moved, echo the error This could be because the path specified was incorrect or the folder was not CHMOD'ed correctly */ }
  3. Edmachine

    Mail wont send

    ----------Problem no longer exists, please lock this topic----------
  4. Oh, yeah, I forgot it... it was { background-color: #??? }Thanks, for pointing it out !
  5. So, shouldn't it be this:.nav a { text-background: #fff }and.nav a:hover { text-background: #ccff00 }That is correct, right?
  6. I have a table called 'users' and it has some rows. Now I want to add another row there, but I can't find a way to do it in PHPMyAdmin, and I don't know the correct code to do so.So please, if anyone knows how, please tell .
  7. Edmachine

    Login issue

    That link was caused by this:<form method="post" action="<?= $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ?>">I changed that to login.php and it solved itself...As for the other problem, now the menus won't show up :)And I solved that too... damn short tags...Now I enabled the short tags to prevent such stuff in the future...
  8. Edmachine

    Login issue

    Hello!I have a weird problem with a login script I made from a tutorial here.When I try to log in, it shows this:ForbiddenYou don't have permission to access /techgeeks/< on this server.And this in the address bar:http://localhost/techgeeks/%3C?=%20$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']%20?%3EThe code is as follows:***Scratch those things, I solved it***But now I have a new problem:I have a member.php page (obviously a members CP), but nothing shows up! The code: <?phpsession_start();if($_SESSION['s_logged_n'] == 'true'){include 'process.php';?><html><head><title>Members Page</title><link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"></head><body><div id="wrapper"><div id="head">The member page</div><br><div id="container"><? include 'menus.php' ?></div><div id="spacer"> </div><div id="memmain"><?phpswitch($_GET['change']){case 'password':echo '<form action="'.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'" method="post"><p>Current password:<br><input name="current" type="password"></p><p>New password:<br><input name="new" type="password"></p><p>Confirm new password:<br><input name="confirm" type="password"></p><p><input type="submit" value="Change Password" name="changepassword"></p></form>';break;case 'email':echo '<p>WARNING! - By changing your email address you will have to re-validate. Make sure you email address is 100% correct.</p><form action="'.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'" method="post"><p>Current email:<br><input name="current" type="text"></p><p>New email:<br><input name="new" type="text"></p><p>Confirm new email:<br><input name="confirm" type="text"></p><p><input type="submit" value="Change Email" name="changeemail"></p></form>';break;case 'account':echo '<p>WARNING - By closing your account, you will not be able to login again under this account. Press the button below to confirm you wish to close your account</p><form action="'.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'" method="post"><p><input type="submit" value="Close Account" name="closeaccount"></p></form>';break;default:echo '<p>Welcome to the members only control panel!</p>';}?></div></body></html><?php} else {header("Location: login.php");}?> At the beginning, it says to include menus.php, but it doesn't. All that I see, is The member page and Welcome to the members only control panel!
  9. Wow, thanks a lot ! The CSS will do . Thank you for being helpful and fast!
  10. Hello!I have a simple question...I got a navigation bar. The code is as follows: <p>|<a href=index.php> Home </a>| News | ... | ...| ...| ...| ...| ...| ...| ...| ...| ... | ... |</p> I cut some parts... Anyways, how can I make the " Home " part change background color to #666666 when I roll the mouse over?
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