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  1. RivkaS

    Image Link

    YEAH! Thanks guy's, talking it over helps
  2. RivkaS

    Image Link

    I think I got what I want<body><a href="http://www.google.com/logos/"><img src ="http://www.google.com/logos/july4thgoldberg10-hp.png"></a></body> can somebody plz test it and tell me if it also works for them?
  3. RivkaS

    Image Link

    Yes, I understood the part of the storage on a computer or upload to a server, what I need is the image to show up via link and then to be a hyperlink.
  4. RivkaS

    Image Link

    I did not really understand what you mean, so here is what I have doneImage Link but that would require that the image is uploaded on a machine:<a href="http://www.google.com/logos/"><img src="work/july4thgoldberg10-hp.png" alt="link to google" width="411" height="162" /></a>Now I need the image to be a link and THEN to add a hyperlink.
  5. RivkaS

    Image Link

    a) no - but that's an ideab ) no - but that's an idea What I did try in the meantime is do it from scratch:download pictureglue link behind it in EWsave as HTML file in EWsave to desk-topopen in IEResult:WORKS!I don't know why the other way round does not work...
  6. RivkaS

    Image Link

    No the links are to websites. (but I thought that as well, when I first encountered the problem)
  7. RivkaS

    Image Link

    Hi,I am getting an html file that is saved as txt-file from the US via mail. I have to translate the text and send it back in the exact same format. We use Microsoft Expression Web to work on the html (I don't normally have to do that but the problem is still probably mine)When I get the file, save it as html file and then look at it in a Browser (IE) the picture links are broken.BUT they are already broken when I get the file and the person on the other end claims that everything is working when she sends me the file.Any help or suggestions as to fix this problem would be highly appreciated.
  8. probably - I am only since yesterday getting the parts of the puzzle apart. Thanks for the explanation, I will try to figure that out a bit more. aha, so it's the "cheap" version of the full version. I have the full version but all the lessons are in Express edition, so I do the exercises on that as well, even though the lessons (video) are presented on the full version. oh, okay, I will remember that for the next time I ask. Don't ask what the school demands because that is illegal as it only can be! 1) Yes, VS has a place to edit the SQL query manually, it is called "Stored procedures" and
  9. Avoiding VS with SQL is not a option since that is what the school teaches and demands, or is there also a difference between SQL 2005 and SQL? As far as I understood SQL2005 is already a part of VS2005 and the same seems to be true for 2008.My Microsoft booklet says "Visual C# 2005 Express Edition with Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition" ... ? As far as your analysis of headaches and confusion are concerned - yes..., no comment...
  10. I am right now learning the use of databases and have so far a faint idear of what xml files are and how they look like. I have a really hard time to understand how to implement them, it seems very complicated - correct me if I am wrong.What I would like to know is - is it still used or is it already outdated?I also did my share of Exercises using SQL-Server-2005 with Visual Studio 2005.I would like to know if I have to or can use these two in tandem?Do SQL-queries and xml-files go together or are they tow totally different concepts?Sorry if I sound dumb, but I am completely confused.As an end
  11. Thank you, I found the answer - obviously I double clicked on it and so it moved and I wanted it static, but now I found the asp-whatever support forum and someone there told me.
  12. Hi all, does anybody here know how to use visual studio? I am supposed to study with it and after two lessons that tutor switched to deeper coding issues and now I am at a loss.First of all I messed up the screen - see attachment - how do I get the toolbar back to be attached to the left side and please not to move...and does anybody know of a "childfriendly" tutorial - from my tutor I don't expect that any more after I have suffered him for 2 weeks now... help....How do I make the attachment visible?
  13. Yes, I think that explaines it better. Thanks
  14. Can someone please give me other expressions for "cellpadding" and "cellspacing" - I just don't know what to make of them.R.
  15. RivkaS


    Okay, I will ignore them. Maybe they are useful for users who don't read w3school tutorials - I know I am a snob -
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