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  1. i'm new to javascript , i have a problem ermmm is it possible to add music into the page via java scriptingif it's possible would u provide mi with the example and the source code . thanks for helping
  2. thanks it worked , but may i know where my problem lies why dun it work be4??
  3. <html><head><HEAD><script LANGUAGE=VBScript>Dim objExcelSub Btn1_onclick() call OpenWorkbook("C:\Documents and Settings\IA0888\Desktop\idea 2\Quality System Assessment Database.xls")End SubSub OpenWorkbook(strLocation)Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")objExcel.Visible = trueobjExcel.Workbooks.Open strLocationobjExcel.UserControl = trueEnd Sub</SCRIPT></head><body background="922.jpg" > <img src="ic2.gif"><INPUT TYPE=BUTTON NAME=Btn1 VALUE="Open Excel File"> <br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
  4. i'm added javascript in html here the problem, under language i have 2 things i wan to add one is vbscript and the other is javascript how can i have them workin at the same time cos if for mi only one can work each time . pls help or refer mi to any useful web site thankz leo^^.
  5. ermmm i'm currently workin on a html project . the objective is to display a vb program encode inside excel when i run the program it pops a error msg " method openin file failed" ermmm wat should i do btw i can't attached the file cos it's company doc. . is there any information that could be useful to me?
  6. i have 2 excel forms that are link together but are 2 different files how can i keep them link in the html ...... the error is from a excel sheet the error states:"run time error '1004' method 'open' of object "worksheet failed"can any one help me or provide me with any solution????
  7. ermmm i need help can anyone tell me how to add a back ground into a frame....thanz
  8. ermmm i think i phase it wrongly, what i meant was i have a excel program i was thinking whether is it possible to have display it and run it on the web if it's possible ermm is there any source code , program or web sites that can help me with this ... anyway thanks for your help holmedwa04... ermm another question i look on the web , web developer said that it's impossible to lock the source code out from the " right click " method is it true???
  9. i need help with the command about linking the excel generated diagrams eg.(chart)and table and display it at a internet explorer .i need help with the command and if possible pls provide me with any web page/sites that would be useful to me.thank^^
  10. i need help :how do i print a attribute "isbn" from BOOK????<?xml version="1.0"?><?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="Lab8_1.xsl "?><INVENTORY> tis line----> <Book code="A-9801" Isbn="0-12-960162-7"> <title>XML By Example</title> <author>Sean McGrath</author> <Publisher>Prentice Hall</Publisher> <Year>1998</Year> <Description> Covers keys e-commerce initiatives <br/> <![CDATA[<CDROM>inlcuded.]]> <br/> </Description> </Book></INVENTORY>thanz i n
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