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  1. There are many different exploits, or security flaws that could possibly lead to a person being able to view the PHP code for a file on your site — for example, calling file_get_contents with unfiltered user input as the parameter. You just have to try to mitigate each one as you write your code.
  2. Why don't you use a database?
  3. They are probably implementing the drop down menu using CSS.
  4. Synook

    Starting Over

    The APT is only present on Debian Linux and its derivatives (e.g. Ubuntu), as boen_robot referred to somewhere above. OS X doesn't have such a great package management system (there is MacPorts but its repository is pretty small), hence the need for manual compilation. P.S.: if you do try to use MacPorts try not to overwrite software already present in OS X (e.g. X11).
  5. It is a much better idea to just use a database.
  6. Well, then you are using a server-side language (ASP or ASP.NET). You can just assign the subject string you want to Mail.Subject and use a condition to determine what to call Mail.AddAddress with.
  7. Synook

    Date ()

    Duplicate thread: http://w3schools.inv...showtopic=40412. This is not an enterprise-level support forum with guaranteed results or else - people will contribute what they can to help you solve your problem, but you have to work with them.
  8. If you are using the mailto: pseudo-protocol (i.e. the value of your action attribute on the form begins with "mailto:") then the browser will open the default mail client when the submit button is clicked, and the default mail client may send the email. You have little control over this process though, which is why a server-side script is more desirable. If you are not using the mailto: protocol, and this is not happening, then you may be using a server-side script anyway, probably a pre-written one (usually called something like formmail.php). If so, then you can modify that script to transmit the information you desire. What did your "basic forms" look like?
  9. You're still using the less-than-or-equal-to operator.
  10. Synook


    You could write a chat application that operates without a server, but you wouldn't be able to use HTTP.
  11. An image tag? What sort of "banner" are you thinking about? There is no "special" code to display a "banner" — you can just use usual HTML.
  12. If you just want the appearance of a "tab", why not create some links and style them that way? Or is there some specific functionality you are thinking of?
  13. You can't check whether someone's credentials are valid with just JavaScript, so you will need to involve the server at some point.
  14. I think most of the people on this forum have already seen that site . You can see the discussion that happened at the time at http://w3schools.inv...howtopic=35836. Fortunately, I believe W3Schools has begun fixing the contentious material, though I doubt it is completely gone.
  15. Synook

    Format Datetime

    Use strtotime() and date() in PHP.
  16. If you mean, what does the query SELECT 1 return, why don't you try it out? It returns a single row, single field relation with the value "1".
  17. Synook

    Starting Over

    There is no such thing as "pure UNIX" anymore — OS X is technically just as much a Unix operating system as all the other Unix operating systems out there (e.g., Solaris), as they all conform to the POSIX standard. However, you may find some of the features of some other Unix-like operating systems (i.e. Linux) useful, such as inbuilt LAMP stacks (in some distros). You can also install all the components from said stack manually instead of using the MAMP package.
  18. If you can view your website using the loopback interface, then your server is working (and you are "hosting" your website, on the computer the server is running on). If you want other people to be able to view the website, you have to give them your IP address. If you are behind a NAT router, then you will also need to forward the port the server is using. Note that people will view your site over HTTP, not FTP. Most people just buy remote hosting with a web hosting company, though.
  19. What is a "PHP code generator", anyway?
  20. You should use the Object.equals() method for reference type comparison.
  21. Joomla and Wordpress can be installed on your own server. Why don't you try it out?
  22. You could also use a third-party service like Google Custom Search. The results won't be as customizable, or up-to-date, but you won't have to do much work at all.
  23. Synook

    Compiled Php Code

    You can still place restrictive licenses on plain text documents, if you wish.
  24. You could post your implementation attempt for us to have a look. If you want to do this from scratch, then you should start with contentEditable in Javascript. P.S.: TinyMCE has always worked for me.
  25. Please do not reply to extremely old topics.
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