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  1. do you mean copy and paste this script to sql box UPDATE `cu_employee` SET `cu_employee_sisa_cuti`=cu_employee_sisa_cuti+cu_employee_jatah_cuti WHERE 1 yes it give me success but nothing happen in my event, thanks for reading this well sorry if this is cross question i post in here also but not give results
  2. i didn't read that before posting but i follow all instruction in stackoverflow and google and it same with documentation mention on it (i'm on reading documentation now), well i almost give up on this issue but will you help me to debug where do i wrong, please correct ya i set status enabled status event by adding event_scheduler=ON // in xammp/mysql/bin/my.ini then i restart xampp but nothing happen, i don't know how to debug each month, i change date in local computer but nothing respon if only 10 second it give me working fine, thanks a lot
  3. hi moderator thanks for comment, no i know update query i mean here my event doesn't working ? sorry late respond cause i leave programming 2 days, thanks
  4. http://prntscr.com/a3dz84 please check why it doesn't working ? i have been tested change date in local computer but nothing happen, thanks UPDATE `cu_employee` SET `cu_employee_sisa_cuti` = '12' WHERE 1
  5. http://bootstrapdesigntools.com/tools/bootstrap-menu-builder/
  6. Just search in google builder navbar bootsrap if you use this framework but tha builder only allow you change the colour
  7. i don't know about video but might be it can use full for video like ingolme said if($(window).width() < 600){ //execute for window small }else { }
  8. can you make simple demo in codepen or fiddle to understand what you need to know about this
  9. yes like dsonesuk said above, here documentation and please be aware about folder, thanks
  10. did you use bootsrap ? if you use it just add class "img-responsive" without any configuration width and height, but make sure you has image not to large or to small ? if you use normal css use media query here then use % for images
  11. Hello guys qucik question Here is my simple demo my question is how can i make each div has height 100% for all browser alredy googling at here still not working, thanks for anyone
  12. Hi Again, thanks for anyone read or help me figure this issue, i got this tutorial from here , please click and check how can i make when users click crop only the result crop images in the box prevent user only 1 click i knew why users can click crop multiple time and results multiple images too cause this script line 62 from index.html $('#btnCrop').on('click', function(){ var img = cropper.getDataURL() $('.cropped').append('<img src="'+img+'">'); }) Any one please guide me
  13. Hello guys, i have been build form that need to validations demo is here Please fill in all form without artikel (tinymce) then submit, i need to show modal in here for warning already googling here but not found the right things http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13183630/how-to-open-a-bootstrap-modal-window-using-jquery http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11839472/how-do-i-show-a-bootstrap-modal-from-within-a-javascript-function Thanks for any help Freddy Sidauruk
  14. Hello guys, need some help, quick question here is demo The schema : i have form that should validate by this style cause some reason, all working fine just in tinymce i don't know how to set it in tinymce already googling but not found best solution, please some one review mine Thanks
  15. let me guess do you understand how html work ? if yes it prety simple simple example <p> { here is your langunge }</p>
  16. i have been go through this issue, let me guide you ya Did you understand css , if yes easy to keep move on Did you familiar with bootsrap, if yes little help you if yes you luck to keep move on Responsive means your website can accsess in every website so you must googling about media query which is define all screen please consider img, and px in your template
  17. what do you mean validations ? validations on what case, i guess you need validations in form submit to database ? before submitinsert to database you should use function if which is check your input already fill in or not ? please explain more so people her ecan debug adn help you
  18. But the result could be wrong, why because i have a lot of data, how about if product id='20' in other hand still has highest id so automatically the highest id will be the top
  19. did you mean like this http://codepen.io/sidaurukfreddy/pen/PPdOKYlet me guess ? did you understand about php even just show data in html using php ?if you already familiar you will easy to put any values in html, Thanks
  20. yes as dsonesuk said, just add some point also depend on how you use medai social to make your traffic become high !
  21. post some simple example based on your code in codepen.io or jsfiddle it better to see what you need it ?
  22. did you mean like this moderator ? SELECT * FROM li_product_post a where a.product_toko=(select t.product_toko from li_product_post as t where t.id_product_post='14' order by t.id_product_post desc) let me assume you have a lot data, then you clicked then you get detail product. as your advice add order by in the last sub query, how about data with highest id_product_post ? if your advice will happend like this, users click product then the detail product is with the highest id_product_post ? *Hi moderator my langunge can you understand cause i have been learn communicate in english as long as programmers ? thanks a lot moderator
  23. just choose some one here to fixed your problem
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