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  1. There is 18 css Stylesheets in Template Manager. What css stylesheet do I add the css in? and where do I add the html? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply newseed. I have the html and css sorted thanks to a friend, he suggested this html/css http://jsfiddle.net/A4TWj/1/ The problem we are having just now is we do not know were to put the css and html on Joomla 3.
  3. Hi guys, Sorry if this post is in the wrong section. My website is Joomla 3 and I am looking to add a background image that is fixed and clickable. I found some info on this here link http://subin.me/blog/how-to-background-image-ads-using-pure-html-and-css-a-better-quick-and-smarted-way/ but its way over my head, can someone put it in simple terms as I am a newbie at css. Were do I put the html?Were do i put the css?Were do I put the Simple Jquery Solution code? Thanks
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