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  1. The support pages on your host's site kind of gives you an idea on how to upload your own files support.Since you used a template for your existing site, it sounds like you've logged into your account on your hosting site. You should just be able to use your same login info + the host would be something like ftp.testsite.com. After you have logged in via your FTP program, then you can start uploading your files directly to your web space.Does that make sense?
  2. virthen

    Odd in IE only

    All of your CSS should be going into your external stylesheet anyways. In fact, if I was working on this website, I would probably put all of the CSS into one stylesheet so that its easy to modify as I need to. If you have different CSS in your other pages, just put those in your external stylesheet as well. What's the problem?
  3. virthen

    Odd in IE only

    Well you should probably create new files so that you have your old files in case you need to revert back to them. That way you can test the new stuff without worry.As long as you have the CSS in your external stylesheet, and you have that stylesheet linked, I don't see why you would need the same CSS code in the HTML.And yeah, you're correct about the float. But all you need to do is put everything inside a container that has a specified width. I think the average user is still on 800 (W) x 600 (H), so that means you'd want to use a width of something like 778px (to take into account scrol
  4. virthen

    Odd in IE only

    Ok just briefly threw this together. I modified your code a bit to make it more readable (at least to me), modifying your positioning to use floats, and moving all CSS to the external stylesheets.The big picture I have designated as the background image for div#left. The picture shows up as its intended size though, so you should really resize the picture in Photoshop/other picture editor rather than using HTML to resize it for you. The picture you have now is 360px (W) by 480px (H), but in your HTML code, you have it stretched out to 600px (W) by 715px (H). div#left is set to 600x715, so
  5. virthen

    Image Saver

    I clicked on Popravka 1, and then I clicked/hovered everywhere on the screen, and am not getting what you are getting. Can you post a screenshot of what you are getting?
  6. virthen


    You can validate your html code here. You should fix any errors that you come across, and it'll help with weird errors like you are getting.
  7. virthen


    If you go to the password field, and then back tab, you can enter stuff in your username field. But anyways, it appears this is an html issue and not anything that has to do with a script etc.1. There's no DOCTYPE.2. There's no <head></head> section.3. There's an ending body tag, but then you have more divs and stuff afterwards.Here's an html page that I put your code in (without the extra stuff after the </body> tag). Save it as an html/php/whatever file and view it on your browser, and it'll work as intended. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
  8. virthen

    Odd in IE only

    I assume when you say index, you mean the navigation...yes, you are able to place it wherever you want. You can use absolute/relative position, or you can use floats (what I would do).Here's a very simple example of having a content area and then a navigation to the right using floats, similar to your current layout. You'll notice I use float:left on both div#content and ul#navigation. Basically they float towards the left (provided there is enough width) on the page. With the margin and padding set to 0 on ul#navigation, the navigation sits flush next to the content area. Copy and paste
  9. virthen

    Odd in IE only

    Yeah I understand your point of view and that you're frustrated so don't worry about that (I think we've all become frustrated web coding at some point). I've come across situations also that usually leave IE not working like other browsers, though I was fortunate enough to have access to any browser to be able to test. However, if things aren't working right for the majority browser (which is internet explorer), you need to figure out some way to make things work, be it redesigning the navigation, using javascript, getting someone to code the site for you etc. unless you just want to leave
  10. virthen

    Hyperlinks analysis

    Well making the links like this is something that is done with mod_rewrite (if you're on an apache server). apache mod rewriteBasically, you can use mod rewrite to rewrite URLs. Let's say you have a page http://wholesalegopher.com/page?id=3 (which is the collectibles page). With mod rewrite, you can create rules and conditions so that even though the browser goes to http://wholesalegopher.com/page?id=3, the browser displays http://wholesalegopher.com/collectibles.It's kind of complicated, as in you'll need to learn regular expressions, but there's a ton of resources on the net that can help
  11. virthen

    Odd in IE only

    Here's another thing that I found on the web that may help you test with IE6 without having to pay any kind of license etc. virtual server.Here's a link that has some info (I didn't read it, just passing along the page) on getting IE6 on mac mac ie6.About the web stats from this site...I would hope that FF has a higher following, since this is a web site geared towards web development. But I'm sure if you look at stats for the entire internet, you'll find that IE is still the majority holder by a wider margin (of course each stats site will differ, but the major concensus will turn out about
  12. Looks pretty cool. The Clan Lunaris at the top left looks a little out of place with it being off to the side and being crossed out. Also in your code, you're declaring CSS styling in several places (once in the <head></head> and once down below with your content.) You should probably put those in a CSS file and link your .html to that file. Also it appears I can scroll vertically a tiny bit, but there's nothing new for me to see.
  13. I think most people use javascript to accomplish this effect. Just search the web for javascript rollover images and you'll get a plethora of pages that will help you with this. Basically what happens for rollover images is there's a normal image that shows up on page load. When you mouse over that image, a second image (your rollover image) is 'swapped' for your original image, using javascript. So you'll have two images for each link that you want to have a rollover for.Here's the first link that came up for me when I searched for javascript rollover images. rolloversLook through that s
  14. virthen

    repeat vertically

    Hmm sounds like something you'd use javascript for, but I'm not sure. Wouldn't hurt to browse/ask in the javascript forum.
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