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  1. Ive resolved the problem, I forgot to import my database, how embarrasing lol
  2. Hello all. have a look at this code.. function exec_mysql_query($sql, $return_result){global $mysql;$link = mysqli_connect($mysql["hostname"], $mysql["username"], $mysql["password"], $mysql["database"]); if($return_result){ return mysqli_query($link, $sql);}else{ if(mysqli_query($link, $sql)) return true; else return false;} mysql_close($link);}function stat_logger(){$user_addr = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];$origin = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]; $result = exec_mysql_query("SELECT * FROM stats", true); $match=false; while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)){ if($row["ip"] != $user_addr) continue;
  3. Hello all. Im in the middle of making my new admin site but ive ran into an annoying problem. When I view it using localhost URL or my IP the style/markup of the site seems to change. Have a look at these screenshots and you'll understand. This is what it looks like when u visit it via http://myIPaddress/evocms/admin/index.php... and the next two screenshots when viewing it via localhost...Im sure u can notice the problems, any thoughts? Thanks
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